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iClone и друзья - приглашают тебя в замечательную страну УклониЮ !!!
  Author: ZeuS, 2-01-2016, 01:02 | Views: 22 835 | Comments: 42
CrazyTalk Animator Bonus Theme Pack - Christmas Bonus

Description: In this bonus pack you may find 3 greeting projects, 2 Claus characters with Christmas hats, and 1 Christmas scene with 20 customizable props which can be further customized.
Pack includes: 3 x Greeting Projects, 2 x Claus Characters (Mr. & Ms.), 2 x Christmas Hats, 1 x Christmas Scene (20 Props)
  Author: ZeuS, 23-11-2015, 23:23 | Views: 10 850 | Comments: 57
CrazyTalk Animator Prop Pack - Garry Pye Nature Collection

Description: From the Winner of the "Animation at Work" competition, comes the ultimate nature collection.
133 highly detailed professionally hand drawn props, each with a transparent background ready for your next animation or media project.
Pack includes: 133 Props
  Author: ZeuS, 18-10-2015, 10:10 | Views: 8 262 | Comments: 16
CrazyTalk Animator Character Pack - Adventure Comic Pack

Description: With the Adventure comic characters you can create amazing video messages, talking avatars for websites or create your own animated graphic adventures. You can use the full character or separate the body parts (head, body and props) to create new characters for your productions.
Pack includes: 6 Characters
  Author: ZeuS, 13-10-2015, 01:01 | Views: 20 548 | Comments: 29
CrazyTalk Animator Character Pack - Goblins

Description: Goblins are funny and cheeky and they love to get a grind on somebody. Often they are living in your neighborhood. In the house, the garden, the park or in the forest. If you catch him, he have to fulfil a desire.
Pack includes: 8 Characters, 6 Heads, 2 Hands, 38 Props, 3 Scenes

Modified: ZeuS, 27-04-2017, 07:42

  Author: ZeuS, 30-07-2015, 07:07 | Views: 16 609 | Comments: 56
CrazyTalk Animator - Cartoon Solutions Combo Vol.4

Cartoon Solutions Characters Collection Vol.4 (6 Characters: Harold, Kasandra, Lara, Rico, Tom and Maleek; 69 Props)
This pack provides you 6 characters including Harold, Kasandra, Lara, Rico, Tom and Maleek with vivid personalities. Front, back and side views are available for use. Each of them has his/her own props so that you can attach the props to the characters flexibly. Not only are you able to control each character's facial expressions but you are also able to choose a variety of hand gestures to convey their emotions.
Cartoon Solutions Scenes Collection Vol.4 (4 Scenes: Clothing Store, Presidential Press Conference, Restaurant Dining Area and Subway Interior; 88 Props)
The scene pack collection provides you 4 scenes including Clothing Store, Presidential Press Conference, Restaurant Dining Area and Subway Interior. 4 packs include a plenty of objects with gorgeous cartoon styles, all designed to enhance your projects.
  Author: ZeuS, 12-03-2015, 03:03 | Views: 7 688 | Comments: 17
CrazyTalk Animator Theme Pack - Royal Wedding Set

Description: Show your ideas to celebrate the Royal Wedding with Royal character: Prince, Princess, Pope in the famous church - Church Westminster Abbey (interior and outdoor scene). With changeable heads you can apply your own photos onto any of these character bodies to celebrate the Royal Wedding with fun and gaiety.
Pack includes: 3 Scenes (40 Props), 6 Characters, 8 Props for Actor
  Author: ZeuS, 26-02-2015, 02:02 | Views: 15 329 | Comments: 16
CrazyTalk Animator Scene Pack - Hilltop Church

Description: Hilltop Church is our first release in the Sea View Series for CrazyTalk Animator. Apart from the 18 high resolution sky’s all the content is supplied in Vector format. The Church and over 50 props are all colour grouped making it simple to match into any scene. The Multi View Church includes Front, Back, Side, and 3 perspective angles). We have also included a large selection of scene items (Sea, Hills, Sand, Roads & Paths) that you can use to make up your own Sea View.
Pack includes: 4 Scenes, 206 Props

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