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iCLONE PACKS Street Dance Collection
  Author: ZeuS, 30-08-2015, 08:08 | Views: 7 753 | Comments: 34
Street Dance Collection
Street Dance Collection

Street Dance Girl Style: The Girl Style motion pack contains Waacking, Voguing and New Jazz Styles that are integrated from modern house dance and a styles performed primarily to disco or funky music. You can see these styles in the videos of mainstream artists such as Madonna and Christina Aguilera.
Street Dance Hip Hop: Hip Hop dance is one of the most universal styles in dance today, and has evolved over the years to incorporate a number of different styles to keep it one of the freshest dance genres out there! it is often freestyle in nature and hip-hop dance crews often engage in freestyle dance competitions. The motion pack includes lyrical Hip Hop routines and basic moves such as Body Waves, C Walk, Cat Daddy, Dougie, The Jerk, Up and Down and so on, which will allow you to mix-and-match movements with plenty of flexibility!
Street Dance Locking: Locking means freezing from a fast movement and "locking" in a certain position, holding that position for a short while and then continuing in the same speed as before. The movements were originally danced to funk music and create large and are generally large and exaggerated, and often very rhythmic and tightly synced with the music. This pack will provide your dancers with the ability to do Brotherhood, Scoo B Doo, Skeeter Rabbit, Rock Steady and many more motions, and you can mix these up with a huge amount of flexibility! If you want to see some examples of Locking, have a look at Usher and Janet Jackson's moves!
Street Dance Popping: Popping is one of the street dance styles that based on the quick muscle contraction techniques to blend into various poses and it’s often integrated with Robot, Waving and Tutting.
All of the motions were captured from professional dancers using expertly choreographed dance moves. The motions can be combined in a variety of ways for maximum flexibility!
Pack includes: 84 Motions

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To copyright holders: The current post does NOT contain ANY materials violates your rights! Are available for download only training video tutorials and examples!
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Tags: Motions Dance

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Rumaca   30 August 2015 13:56    

Posts: 0
Comments: 207

Muchas gracias Zeus

Saludos desde Sevilla-Espana.
irina-04602007   30 August 2015 16:32    

Posts: 0
Comments: 75

благодарю Вас, Зевс!
zabaware   30 August 2015 18:02    

Posts: 0
Comments: 161

Big thank for motion! smile
jeanmarc   30 August 2015 18:04    

Posts: 0
Comments: 242

All big thanks you to Mr.zeus!
xtclone1   30 August 2015 18:41    

Posts: 0
Comments: 94

Thank you very much dear Zeus
brigas   30 August 2015 21:04    

Posts: 0
Comments: 241

Thanks ZeuS winked
danielsen   30 August 2015 21:15    

Posts: 0
Comments: 30

tociloo   30 August 2015 22:34    

Posts: 0
Comments: 5

Просто супер!!!
pptataro   31 August 2015 00:34    

Posts: 0
Comments: 0

Thank You very Much ZeuS
MadMike   31 August 2015 03:40    

Posts: 0
Comments: 80

Whoot whoot! Awesomeness.
tartiv33   31 August 2015 07:14    

Posts: 0
Comments: 20

Merci ZEUS !!!
iloveiclone   31 August 2015 09:16    

Posts: 0
Comments: 50

thank you
peti   31 August 2015 09:46    

Posts: 0
Comments: 0

Natalia_lari   31 August 2015 22:42    

Posts: 0
Comments: 8

Спасибо большое!!!!
aderfi124aza   1 September 2015 00:15    

Posts: 0
Comments: 126

thank you very much Mr ZeuS
SAVA   1 September 2015 00:24    

Posts: 0
Comments: 98

Уважаемый ZeuS!
Большое-пребольшое спасибо!
Так хочется иметь мокаповские движения танцев!
ksonmez   1 September 2015 17:15    

Posts: 0
Comments: 17

Thanks Zeus
iwzhidden   2 September 2015 12:36    

Posts: 0
Comments: 58

Thanks ZeuS
ftp2010   2 September 2015 16:27    

Posts: 0
Comments: 91

Thank you very much, Zeus!
Fixit   6 September 2015 07:55    

Posts: 0
Comments: 43

Merci Zeus!
krys   11 September 2015 16:52    

Posts: 0
Comments: 0

Obrigada ?timo Material
aramatsen   13 September 2015 12:11    

Posts: 0
Comments: 117

ZeuS! Спасибо ,большое!!!

Легко дружить с людьми простыми.
Чью жизнь не губит суета.
Душа их, как родник в пустыне,
И бескорыстна и чиста.
V-na   18 September 2015 14:43    

Posts: 0
Comments: 6

hflores   30 September 2015 18:08    

Posts: 0
Comments: 0

Gracias ...
danielsen   1 October 2015 18:19    

Posts: 0
Comments: 30

Спасибо за релиз!


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