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Azbus - Graphics and animations design studio
  Author: ZeuS, 24-01-2023, 12:12 | Views: 1 357 | Comments: 7
One Moment Photo Studio

Complete scene of One Moment Photo Studio set up ready to start animating. Ceiling, walls, furniture, etc. are set up as sub-props for easy hiding to accomodate camera angles.
Pack includes: 2 Props (Scenes)

Tags: Scenes Props

  Author: ZeuS, 23-01-2023, 13:13 | Views: 439 | Comments: 5
G5 Cloth Marvelous Peninsular War Soldiers

This pack includes 5 G5 Native Multi-Layer Cloths specially designed for making Soldiers of the European Peninsular War era plus 5 fully textured characters (one per Cloth design). Heads, Hair, shoes and all costume accessories included.
Cloths Included in the Package:
1) French Officer Cloth - 4 layer Whole set Upper (Skin, Jacket, Belt and Buttons) plus a dual layer Lower (Skin, Pants).
2) Portuguese Soldier Cloth - 5 layer Whole set Upper (Skin, Suit, Plastron, Belt and Buttons) plus a dual layer Lower (Skin, Pants).
3) Prussian Cloth - 5 layer Whole set Upper (Skin, Jacket, Plastron, Belt&Sash, Buttons) plus a dual layer Lower (Skin, Pants).
4) Rifle Man Cloth - 6 layer Whole set Upper (Skin, Jacket, Belt&Sash, Garments, Beltband, Buttons) plus a dual layer Lower (Skin, Pants).
5) Peninsular War Cloth - 6 layer Whole set Upper (Skin, Jacket, Innershirt, Plastron, Garments, Buttons) plus a dual layer Lower (Skin, Pants).
Pack includes: 10 Characters

Tags: Characters War

  Author: ZeuS, 17-01-2023, 17:17 | Views: 1 006 | Comments: 7
CGPitbull Sci-Fi Collection

Spaceships, stations and objects for your Sci-Fi movie!
Pack includes: 72 Props

Tags: Props Sci-Fi

  Author: ZeuS, 15-01-2023, 15:15 | Views: 1 082 | Comments: 7
Apocalyptic City Power Pack Bundle

This Bundle includes the Following Packs:
- Extreme Furniture Pack
- Extreme Office Furniture Pack
- Extreme Flora Pack
- Extreme Street Pack
- Extreme Vehicle Pack
- Extreme Crate Pack
- Extreme Road Pack
- Extreme Building Pack
Pack includes: 874 Props

Tags: Props Apocalyptic City

  Author: ZeuS, 13-01-2023, 15:15 | Views: 18 | Comments: 1
Medieval Weapons

Arm your heroes with diverse weapons today!
This Pack contains 14 PBR ready accessories for iClone 7.
Each prop is textured with high quality PBR maps including Normal, Metallic, Roughness, and AO to take advantage of advanced features in iClone 7. Adjust the material levels to complement the lighting in your scene to achieve the desired mood and ambience.
This weapon pack is an ideal match for Assassins Mega Bundle.
Pack includes: 14 Accessories

Tags: Accessories Medieval Weapons

  Author: ZeuS, 13-01-2023, 13:13 | Views: 464 | Comments: 5
Abandoned Industrial District

This is a large abandoned industrial scene in post-apocalyptic style, which consists of 5 different furnished factories, a custom terrain, trees, fencing, towers and extensive factory items of old machines, tanks and debris. It is all textured with PBR texturing except the walls of the buildings.
PBR textures are high quality Base Colour, Normal, Roughness and Metallic.
Pack includes: 81 Props

Tags: Props Abandoned Industrial

  Author: ZeuS, 8-01-2023, 08:08 | Views: 766 | Comments: 9
Sci-Fi Interior Construction Kit

This Kit allows you to construct a highly detailed Sci-Fi Interior Scene using carefully designed Modular Sci-Fi structural pieces such as Floors, Walls, Ceilings and 3D Blocks primitives plus a wide variety of Sci-Fi High Quality Props.
The Kit also includes 31 different high quality Sci-Fi style iClone Materials you can apply to change the appearance of Walls, Floors, Windows and other Primitives in the Scene.
The Materials are also an excellent asset you can use with iClone Basic 3D Blocks to complement your scene.
Pack includes: 99 Props, 31 Materials

Tags: Props Sci-Fi Interior Materials

  Author: ZeuS, 1-01-2023, 01:01 | Views: 108 834 | Comments: 434

UPD - 01.01.2023

Read a must!

Tags: F.A.Q. INFO

  Author: ZeuS, 28-12-2022, 18:18 | Views: 1 195 | Comments: 6

LowPoly Junkyard Collection for your post-apocalyptic or realistic scenes
Package Contains:
1) Car Bodies - 10 (Stacks)
2) Car Walls - 9 (Stacks)
3) Pile of Cars - 3 (Stacks)
4) Damaged Cars - 5 (Objects)
5) Debris - 6 (Stacks)
6) Pile of Garbage - 4 (Stacks)
7) Metal Debris - 8 (Objects)
8) Wooden Planks - 4 (Objects)
9) Wheels - 31 (Objects)
10) Pile of Wheels - 4 (Stacks)
11) Grass - 21 (Objects)
Textures: 4096x4096 (for Car Objects), 2048x2048, 1024x1024, 512x512, 1024x512, 512x4096 (Grass Objects) Albedo, Normal, Roughness, Metallic, Ambient Occlusion, Opacity.
Vertex/Triangle count: 100-10000 for objects, 10,000 - 100,000 for stacks.
Environment NOT Included.
Pack includes: 139 Props

Tags: Props

  Author: ZeuS, 27-12-2022, 20:20 | Views: 601 | Comments: 8
HQ Fantasy Battle Arena

High quality fantasy medieval battle arena with simple modularity, perfect for medieval or fantasy style projects.
It is supplied as an iClone project with several camera placements and advanced lighting set up for best visual experience in iClone. All props are sub-props that can be moved/deleted to your liking. You also get all the single props for adding to the scene or for use in your own projects.
Pack includes: 1 Project, 17 Props

Tags: Projects Props Medieval Fantasy

  Author: ZeuS, 25-12-2022, 16:16 | Views: 845 | Comments: 6
Top-Down Stylized Village (LowPoly)

LowPoly Top-Down Stylized Village
1) 80 Meshes (Houses, Nature Objects, Props)
2) 5 Compositions
3) 1 Village Scene
Total Triangles: 27321
Total Vertices: 17492
Average tris/vert count - 2000 per house, 50-300 per objects
Textures: 2048x2048 Albedo, Normal, Roughness, Metallic, Ambient Occlusion, Opacity
Pack includes: 86 Props

Tags: Props Scenes Toon

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