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iClone и друзья - приглашают тебя в замечательную страну УклониЮ !!!
  Автор: ZeuS, 27-01-2021, 12:12 | Просмотров: 9 082 | Комментариев: 82

Description: This Collection is intended for easy and fast construction of a Virtual Showroom movie set. Wall assemblies, furniture and props are all pre-positioned and can be moved around and/or saved as individual props and/or removed from the scene to leave room for proper camera take.
Each Prop is designed with the highest standards using a low polygon count, high resolution textures and PBR shader maps for maximum user experience.
Pack includes: 10 Props

Отредактировано: ZeuS, 27-01-2021, 13:36
Причина: + VOL 7, 8, 9, 10

  Автор: ZeuS, 25-01-2021, 12:12 | Просмотров: 1 293 | Комментариев: 24

Description: This packs includes 18 different models to create a walled Sultan Palace City. There are 5 mosque buildings, 1 house, 3 priars, plants, a Wall gate and wall to extend wall, etc. All with highly detailed textures.
Pack includes: 18 Props
  Автор: ZeuS, 23-01-2021, 10:10 | Просмотров: 1 435 | Комментариев: 19

Description: This is a large full interior scene of an Abandoned Prison destroyed and neglected. It is supplied in 6 parts that when added to the stage one by one, will form to join the full prison interior complete. It is a very large scene so you may want to add only the section or sections required for a particular sequence. Many walls and parts are separate so that you may hide for easier camera angles. Most doors are separate and can be animated on the timeline. Most interior props are sub-props that can be hidden or removed.
If working with one or two parts, after adding to the stage, you can set the pivot to middle bottom, then Reset Transform and Reset Zero out to reassign the orientation. If using more than one part, first attach one to the other before changing the orientation to 0/0/0 to keep the correct placement of the parts attached.
Also supplied are all the single props which can be used to further decorate the scene or for use in other projects. You also get all the building parts such as walls/doors/vents/ceilings/roofs so that you can build your own scene or add on to existing to create your own personal set-up.
The prison has several cells, some offices, cafeteria, stairwells and hallways, caged areas and treatment room.
It's a very extensive and large pack with lots of valuable resources in PBR.
Pack includes: 304 Props
  Автор: ZeuS, 1-01-2021, 01:01 | Просмотров: 92 345 | Комментариев: 390

UPD - 01.01.2021

Читать обязательно!

  Автор: ZeuS, 13-12-2020, 14:14 | Просмотров: 4 484 | Комментариев: 37

CC3 (for VIPs ONLY): 10 Morphs, 10 Projects
IC7 (for ALL): 10 Characters
  Автор: ZeuS, 8-12-2020, 16:16 | Просмотров: 2 201 | Комментариев: 22

Description: Here you can find a lot of different kind of the Ivy as flowering as simple. Here is four materials for leaves which was made for same UV so you can freely change leaves texture on any Ivy part you want. Also package keeps Ivy with six kinds of flowers. Approximately triangles count from 700 to 7500 triangles for a different types of Ivy.
Pack includes: 178 Props, 9 Materials
  Автор: ZeuS, 6-12-2020, 14:14 | Просмотров: 2 524 | Комментариев: 22

Description: Here you can find few kinds of wild cats. One is classic panther and two other is fantastic creatures. All of them are already animated and ready to be used in your project. Package include 16 different animations. Also two of them have alternative material.
Pack includes: 5 Characters, 51 Motions, 1 Prop
  Автор: ZeuS, 29-11-2020, 11:11 | Просмотров: 184 | Комментариев: 8

Description: The pack includes Reporting / Preparing / Interview / Reporting forward / backward - 12 loopable motions totally.
Pack includes: 12 Motions, 1 Prop
  Автор: ZeuS, 15-11-2020, 15:15 | Просмотров: 4 665 | Комментариев: 42

Description: This Bundle contains the following Extreme Packs: Street, Road, Rooftop, Crate, Vehicle, Dropship.
Pack includes: 441 Props

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