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Студия графического дизайна и анимации «АЗБУС»
  Автор: ZeuS, 28-11-2022, 11:11 | Просмотров: 483 | Комментариев: 4
HQ Modern Interior Vol.1 HQ Modern Interior Vol.2

High quality modern apartment interior including complete interior scene with PBR setup. It is supplied as an iClone project with several camera placements and advanced lighting set up for best visual experience in iClone/ All props are sub-props that can be moved/deleted to your liking. You also get all the single props for adding to the scene or for use in your own projects, also included modular sofa (10 modules).
Pack includes: 2 Projects, 121 Props, 1 Sky

Теги: Props Interior Projects Modern

  Автор: ZeuS, 20-11-2022, 07:07 | Просмотров: 838 | Комментариев: 11
G2 Power Tools Vol.2 - Mega Presenter

G2 Body Composer Kit 2
The Walks of Life pack is just what any presenter needs, with lots of useful career outfits with matching props, for everyday and occupational projects. Inside you will find complete clothing including; upper, lower, shoes and tools which you can easily interchange. You will also notice that these character parts have curvier looks and proportions, making them ideal for professional applications.
Scenes and Props - Working Places
Get to work, build your sets on the fly, and get your project finished by today! With this must-have pack that includes 6 editable scenes, with their own equipment, for use in any practial workplaces. This pack is an ideal match for the G2 Body Composer Kit, as it provides you with various working spaces like a fully-featured departure gate and an airplane cabin for use in any in-flight safety videos, or an outdoor construction site for building proceedures and more.
Animated Effects 3 - Presentation SFX
But what would a mega animation pack be without special effects? Take your presentations to the max, and let this pack save you all the effort as it contains everything you need to highlight demos! Get tons of eye-catching effects, comical in style, all animated to help you tell the difference between a boring presentation and a CrazyTalk one!
3D Motion Library - Make a Pitch
Want to dazzle your audience? Wish to sign that juicy contract? Well then let's create that monster presentation that will win you notoriety and cheers. Well... maybe not cheers, but you will surely be remembered with this awesome animation pack complete with 2D and 3D motions for multi-dimensional characters.

Теги: PowerTools Cartoon Animator

  Автор: ZeuS, 19-11-2022, 11:11 | Просмотров: 788 | Комментариев: 6
EZ Sets Dirty Apartments

This pack includes a Modular Interior Level Kit for creating a complete set plus 14 pre-assembled scene modules you can use separately or assemble together into a larger scene.
The Modular Kit includes: 14 pre-assembled scene modules, 6 ceilings, 33 decals, 7 dirt piles, 18 floor pieces, 26 pieces of furniture, 37 props, 12 walls.
For a grand total of 153 Props!

Теги: Props Dirty Abandoned EZ Sets

  Автор: ZeuS, 18-11-2022, 13:13 | Просмотров: 447 | Комментариев: 6

Meet the Vambies: a collection of virtual characters for VTubing, streaming, and all forms of avatar content creation.
Pack includes: 5 Characters

Теги: Characters Halloween

  Автор: ZeuS, 16-11-2022, 16:16 | Просмотров: 887 | Комментариев: 15
G2 PowerTools Vol.3 - Totally Symbols

G2 Body Composer Kit 2 - Symbol Heads
Create funny and practical avatars with these streamlined heads that contain facial expressions for a wide variety of abstract uses. Use them in combination with your Symbol characters for posters, pamphlets, or just about anything. Each head has its own animatable facial expressions and can also be used in a variety of angles and color palettes.
G2 Body Composer Kit 3 - Symbol Men
The G2 Symbol Men pack contains 3D-Ready abstract characters perfect for reports, presentations and infographics. Assemble your avatars into a variety of conceptual personalities by mix & matching their body parts and accessories, while being able to instantly change their color styles.
Animated Scenes & Props - Symbol Graphs
Create funny and practical avatars with these streamlined heads that contain facial expressions for a wide variety of abstract uses. Use them in combination with your Symbol characters for posters, pamphlets, or just about anything. Each head has its own animatable facial expressions and can also be used in a variety of angles and color palettes.
Animated Props - Symbol Playground
Action Items galore! In this pack you will find a variety of action and game assets that can be easily employed in creative level designs or background visuals. Find a collection of animated props and gadgets that you can be used to bring life to any wallpaper or game stage.

Теги: PowerTools Cartoon Animator

  Автор: ZeuS, 15-11-2022, 15:15 | Просмотров: 684 | Комментариев: 7
Old American Cars Collection

5 Low-Poly American Cars: Ford Crown Victoria 1970, Chevrolet Apache 1959, Fleetwood Bounder 1986, Chevrolet Van, Ford Excursion 1999
Pack includes: 30 Props

Теги: Props Cars Collection

  Автор: ZeuS, 15-11-2022, 13:13 | Просмотров: 501 | Комментариев: 7
Apocalyptic France DUO

It is a DUO pack because all props are supplied with both dirty apocalyptic textures, along with cleaner versions for pre-apocalyptic look.
It's a replica a French City block and includes 4 Scene Modules each of both versions that can be added to the stage and will together form one larger city scene. In addition, all props are supplied individually so you can add and enhance to your liking.
Pack includes: 68 Props

Теги: Props Apocalyptic Abandoned Scenes

  Автор: ZeuS, 4-11-2022, 13:13 | Просмотров: 1 290 | Комментариев: 12
Sckript Ghost Story Collection

Ghosts, collection of ghosts. Be afraid of them!
Pack includes: 16 Characters

Теги: Characters Halloween Ghosts Collection

  Автор: ZeuS, 4-11-2022, 11:11 | Просмотров: 971 | Комментариев: 13
Sckript Victorian 2.1 Characters Set Sckript Victorian S1 Starting Pack

This Victorian Collection includes 15 great original fully dressed characters of Victorian age!
Pack includes: 15 Characters

Теги: Characters Collection

  Автор: ZeuS, 24-10-2022, 07:07 | Просмотров: 1 163 | Комментариев: 12
Halloween Neon

Neon signs for your Halloween scenes!
Pack includes: 5 Props

Теги: Props Halloween

  Автор: ZeuS, 10-10-2022, 10:10 | Просмотров: 65 | Комментариев: 3
Charming Dolls

Charming Dolls characters are well proportioned and attentively crafted with unique styles. You can also redesign your own with face and body morph sliders inside Character Creator 3.
This pack includes 5 avatars, 5 avatar presets, 5 hairs, 12 clothes, shoes and accessories, and morph data. Vivid facial expression profiles have been created and included to be used with the newly-added ExpressionPlus (ExPlus) system. These ExPlus have been especially customized for toon-styled character facial animations.
Pack includes: 5 CC Avatars, 10 CC Morphs, 5 Hairs (for IC & CC), 5 CC Shoes, 12 CC Clothes, 3 CC Accessories

Теги: Avatars Characters Accessories Clothes Shoes Morphs Hairs Anime Teens

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