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  Author: ZeuS, 14-08-2022, 09:09 | Views: 2 610 | Comments: 16
Fantasy Orcs Bundle

This Combo Bundle includes the following Fantasy Creatures: CENTAUR, FUNGOID, MINOTAUR, UNDERTAKER, HELLROT and GARGOYLE.
Each pack contains a Creature plus high-quality Motions. The Creature is supplied both as a Non-Human Avatar and as an iClone Prop with embedded animations.
Each Character use high quality texture maps and a very small polygon count providing excellent visual quality for close-up shots. The Prop version of the Character provides additional functionalities such as the capability to use the multi-duplicate iClone feature and the capability to apply key frames to the scaling of bones which may be required by some of the provided custom animations.
Pack includes: 6 Characters, 176 Motions, 11 Props

Tags: Characters Motions Props Combo Bundle Fantasy

  Author: ZeuS, 14-08-2022, 08:08 | Views: 72 | Comments: 2
Party Fun - Hairs and Accessories

What's cooler than crashing a party with your friend? Well, crashing it in style of course!
Dress up your characters in bold and colorful hairstyles, mix and match accessories to create unique adornments, and watch your characters become the center of attention at any parades, festivals or party scenes with dynamic spring and physics animation effects.
The hairs and hats can automatically conform to any head shapes and sizes, and their textures are ready to be customized when used in conjunction with your favorite image editing program. If you have the Character Creator tool, then you can also edit them dynamically with the powerful Appearance Editor.
Pack includes: 15 x CC Hairs, 88 x CC Accessories, 100 x Bonus CC Hairs & CC Accessories

Tags: Hairs Accessories CC3

  Author: ZeuS, 10-08-2022, 17:17 | Views: 1 949 | Comments: 11
Ancient Temple

"Ancient Temple" is a set of 72 Unique Props. In addition, there are two separate furnished rooms supplied with props in position for easy and quick scene setup. Please note these rooms have the props merged so you can't move them around, but all items in the room are also supplied individually, so if you want to move the prop, simply hide it with the opacity slider and add the prop you want to re-position.
Pack includes: 74 Props

Tags: Props Temple

  Author: ZeuS, 7-08-2022, 09:09 | Views: 3 726 | Comments: 17
Horse and Tack Theme

The robust "Thoroughbre", elegant "Arabian Horse", and obedient "Farm Horse", each horse will display incomparable Bump muscle and detailed skin texture. We also provide a horse with saddle and harness binding to it, and a nude horse, so the users can either ride the horse directly or enjoy accessorizing the horse themselves.
Each breed of the horse comes with "Nude" and "Full loaded". You can accessorize the nude horse with different saddles while a full loaded horse is already bound with the saddle and harness so it can be ridden immediately.
Pack includes:
• Nude horse x 3 (Thoroughbred, Arabian Horse, Farm Horse)
• Full loaded horse x 7 (Thoroughbred, Arabian Horse, Farm Horse)
• Horse Base x 1
• Horse motion x 31 (Resting, Grazing, Look right rear, Look right, Walk, Gallop, Pesade, Canter and many more )
• Character motion x 13 (Pat The Horse, Riding, Patrol on the horse..., and many more)
• Props x 7 (Wagon, Milk churn...)
• Accessory x 19 (Saddle, Harness, Wagon, Milk churn, Stirrups, Whip...)

Tags: Creature Base Horses Props Motions Accessories Characters

  Author: ZeuS, 6-08-2022, 10:10 | Views: 1 598 | Comments: 9
Operating Theatre

The Operating Theatre is actually two rooms - an Operating Room and an Office/Observation Room. The room is supplied empty with walls and ceilings being sub-props to be easily hidden for camera angles. The double doors on the room are sub-props with correct pivots, as well ass the door between the office/observatory and the OR. The empty room has the sink and wall posters attached, as well as the shelving unit and overhead lights.
Pack includes: 16 Props

Tags: Props Medicine

  Author: ZeuS, 30-07-2022, 12:12 | Views: 71 | Comments: 2
Modern Glasses

This modern glasses pack includes 20 different models, with 5 iMaterial Plus for each one of the models, providing a total of 100 glasses ready to be used.
All the models are very detailed, providing an extreme quality even at very close range, including optimized PBR textures, balanced to offer an extreme high quality look at the minimum weight in order to facilitate their animation in real time. (The more complex model only weights about 6 Mb.)
The UV Maps of all the models have been optimized and linked, so we can change the glasses materials in one single step just using the iClone’s material editor sliders.
Seamless textures can be dragged and dropped over the texture maps of the glasses parts, to easily obtain customized variations of the models.
The glasses can be accommodated to any type of character as they have rotating temples and nose pads, while embedded morphs in the temples allow you to change their length as well.
The temples can be also folded, so the glasses can be left detached from the character on tables or other surfaces.
Most of the models are provided with reading versions with transparent lenses. The correction of the lenses for reading can be modified using the Bump map strength slider. (Remember to have the IBL activated to appreciate the reflections and lens deformations).
Pack includes: 20 IC Accessories, 100 IC Materials, 20 CC Accessories, 100 CC Materials

Tags: Accessories Materials Glasses

  Author: ZeuS, 26-07-2022, 12:12 | Views: 2 717 | Comments: 16
Stage Equipment

This is a complete pre-assembled scene with stage and props in position and set as sub-props, allowing your own re-arrangement. You also get all the single props supplied to add more to the scene or for use in other projects.
These are all textured with PBR textures that include Base Color, Normal, AO, Roughness & Metallic plus many have "Glow" for the night lighting effect.
Additionally, the 3 stage light panels have substance color graphs added which allow you to adjust the color of the lights to your liking.
Pack includes: 47 Props
Note: The special effects such as lights, fire and spotlight particles shown in the promo images are from the PopcornFX Library 40 and are not included. You may also create your own special effects by using the PopcornFX Library 40.

Tags: Props Stage

  Author: ZeuS, 22-07-2022, 12:00 | Views: 2 416 | Comments: 12
3D Sci-Fi Kit Vol.2

This package is intended for easy and fast construction of a Sci-Fi Virtual Movie Set. Lights, Sci-Fi furniture and props are all pre-positioned and can be moved around and/or saved as individual props and/or removed from the scene to leave room for proper camera take.
Each Prop is designed with the highest standards using a low polygon count, high resolution textures and PBR shader maps for maximum user experience.
Pack includes: 1 Scene (Prop)

Tags: Sci-Fi Scenes Props

  Author: ZeuS, 17-07-2022, 10:10 | Views: 1 906 | Comments: 11
HQ Modern Hotel Room

This pack include high quality complete hotel room interior scene with bathroom. This pack ready for interactions (openable doors, drawers, etc.). It is supplied as an iClone project with several camera placements and advanced lighting set up for best visual experience in iClone. All props are sub-props that can be moved/deleted to your liking.
Pack includes: 1 Project, 37 Props

Tags: Projects Props

  Author: ZeuS, 17-07-2022, 07:07 | Views: 73 | Comments: 2
Hoodies & Joggers Bundle

This is the Hoodies and Joggers pack for Males and Females. Along with the cloth bases for allowing you to create your own special styles, you get several pre-textured and ready to go pieces. Each piece is completely customizable using the Substance Appearance Editor inside Character Creator.
Designs on Hoodie Front and Wording on Cap was done with the Decal feature - this can be replaced with your own decal or simply turned off in the appearance editor if not wanted.
Pack includes: 26 CC Clothes, 10 CC Accessories

Tags: СС3 Clothes Accessories Bundle

  Author: ZeuS, 22-06-2022, 11:11 | Views: 4 303 | Comments: 15
Sci-Fi Characters Combo

Sci-Fi Characters for your futuristic Sci-Fi movie!
Pack includes: Sci-Fi Killer, Sci-Fi Intruder, Sci-Fi Infiltrator, Sci-Fi Trooper, Futuristic Soldier 2 and Futuristic Soldier 3.
Non-Standard Human Characters with Performs and separate Motions and Accessories.
Pack includes: 8 Characters, 135 Motions, 7 Accessories

Tags: Characters Motions Accessories Combo Sci-Fi

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