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Azbus - Graphics and animations design studio
  Author: ZeuS, 24-01-2023, 12:12 | Views: 1 355 | Comments: 7
One Moment Photo Studio

Complete scene of One Moment Photo Studio set up ready to start animating. Ceiling, walls, furniture, etc. are set up as sub-props for easy hiding to accomodate camera angles.
Pack includes: 2 Props (Scenes)

Tags: Scenes Props

  Author: ZeuS, 25-12-2022, 16:16 | Views: 845 | Comments: 6
Top-Down Stylized Village (LowPoly)

LowPoly Top-Down Stylized Village
1) 80 Meshes (Houses, Nature Objects, Props)
2) 5 Compositions
3) 1 Village Scene
Total Triangles: 27321
Total Vertices: 17492
Average tris/vert count - 2000 per house, 50-300 per objects
Textures: 2048x2048 Albedo, Normal, Roughness, Metallic, Ambient Occlusion, Opacity
Pack includes: 86 Props

Tags: Props Scenes Toon

  Author: ZeuS, 25-12-2022, 14:14 | Views: 595 | Comments: 7
Top-Down Barbarian Camp (LowPoly)

LowPoly Top-Down Barbarian Camp for your fantasy, horror or post-apocalyptic projects!
Number of Meshes: 107
Triangle/Vertex Count: 30-150(Small Objects), 300-500(Middle Objects), 10000+(for Tents)
Textures: 1024x1024-2048x2048 Albedo, Normal, Roughness, Metallic, Ambient Occlusion, Opacity.
Pack includes: 107 Props

Tags: Props Scenes Fantasy

  Author: ZeuS, 25-12-2022, 12:12 | Views: 621 | Comments: 8
Top-Down Primal Settlement (LowPoly)

LowPoly Top-Down Primal Settlement for your fantasy, horror or post-apocalyptic projects!
Number of Meshes: 158
Triangle/Vertex Count: 30-150(Small Objects), 300-500(Middle Objects), 10000+(for Large Objects)
Bone Piles:
1) Mamonth Bones + Poses + Piles
2) Buffalo Bones + Poses + Piles
3) Big Bones + Piles
1) Mamonth - 19988/9822
2) Buffalo - 13116/6520
3) Big Bones - 1346/695
Textures: 2048x2048 Albedo, Normal, Roughness, Metallic, Ambient Occlusion, Opacity + 2048x2048 - Ground Texture
Pack includes: 159 Props

Tags: Props Scenes Fantasy

  Author: ZeuS, 15-11-2022, 13:13 | Views: 1 279 | Comments: 8
Apocalyptic France DUO

It is a DUO pack because all props are supplied with both dirty apocalyptic textures, along with cleaner versions for pre-apocalyptic look.
It's a replica a French City block and includes 4 Scene Modules each of both versions that can be added to the stage and will together form one larger city scene. In addition, all props are supplied individually so you can add and enhance to your liking.
Pack includes: 68 Props

Tags: Props Apocalyptic Abandoned Scenes

  Author: ZeuS, 22-07-2022, 12:00 | Views: 1 762 | Comments: 12
3D Sci-Fi Kit Vol.2

This package is intended for easy and fast construction of a Sci-Fi Virtual Movie Set. Lights, Sci-Fi furniture and props are all pre-positioned and can be moved around and/or saved as individual props and/or removed from the scene to leave room for proper camera take.
Each Prop is designed with the highest standards using a low polygon count, high resolution textures and PBR shader maps for maximum user experience.
Pack includes: 1 Scene (Prop)

Tags: Sci-Fi Scenes Props

  Author: ZeuS, 15-05-2022, 15:15 | Views: 1 967 | Comments: 10
Modern City New

You get the complete scene set up ready to start animating. Buildings are all sub-props. Street decorations are several clusters of props merged... i.e. one street corner containing some benches, plants, etc. can be hidden with one click.
You also get the individual props for adding to the scene or creating your own arrangement. Can also be useful for other projects.
Pack includes: 43 Props

Tags: Props City Scenes

  Author: ZeuS, 30-01-2022, 12:12 | Views: 1 397 | Comments: 19
Off License Store

This is supplied as a complete Off License Store Scene with Walls, Ceiling and Floor all set up as subprops. Items against walls are attached for quickly and easily hiding.
You also get all the single props for adding to the scene or for use in your own projects.
Pack includes: 76 Props

Tags: Props Scenes

  Author: ZeuS, 21-07-2021, 08:08 | Views: 2 143 | Comments: 19
Apocalyptic London

It's 28 days later... and vicious, bloodthirsty zombies have taken over London! The assets in this pack are perfect for constructing your very own desolate post-apocalyptic city scene.
It comes complete with 47 ready-to-use assets, with building faces that are LOD compatible, and able to drop the poly-count to only 2-tris when your camera is at a distance. Wind zones also simulate gusts of wind in the form of animated particle effects. All models come complete with high-res textures, including normal maps. A scene project is included.
Pack includes: 1 Project, 2 Particles, 44 Props

Tags: Props Abandoned City Apocalyptic Scenes

  Author: ZeuS, 7-07-2021, 08:08 | Views: 1 323 | Comments: 14
Bar Scene

Everything you need to create your customized Night Club Bar.
The pack comes with a full scene assembled, along with all the single props for adding to the scene or using in your own projects. The Full Scene is set up with sub-props so you can easily move everything around to your style.
Many of the items come with RGB mask for customizing your color scheme. The full assembled scene is pre-selected in the bluish tones as shown and styled after an actual night club. This is easily changed to your own scheme. The single props have no color added so you can set your own color theme.
Most of the props come with albedo, normal, ao, metallic, roughness, emission(glow) and RGB color mask.
Pack includes: 50 Props

Tags: Props Scenes

  Author: ZeuS, 1-07-2021, 12:12 | Views: 96 | Comments: 5
Soccer Field Pack Soccer Player Pack Soccer Team Pack

Bundle of Packs: Soccer Field Pack, Soccer Player Pack, Soccer Team Pack
Pack includes: 40 Actors, 3 Scenes, 12 Props, 15 Accessories, 51 Head Parts

Tags: Actors Scenes Props Accessories Heads Football Bundle Combo Soccer Cartoon Animator

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