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Azbus - Graphics and animations design studio
  Author: ZeuS, 14-04-2023, 14:14 | Views: 12 | Comments: 1
Law Enforcement Combo

This pack includes police uniforms, accessories, and props with PBR textures and optimized meshes for real-time animation.
Independent of the file extension, keep in mind that all clothes and accessories are directly usable in iClone and Character Creator, by just dragging and dropping the files over characters.
The pack includes:
- 18 Outfits (including 5 pants, 6 shirts, 3 jackets, 1 vest, 1 utility belt, and 2 helmets)
- 2 Gloves
- 4 Shoes
- 15 Clothing accessories, including hats, pockets, badges, sunglasses, etc...
- 11 Prop accessories (including guns, flashlights, etc.)
- Most of the accessories are also supplied as props, so that they can be used independent of the characters. In addition, several props are included like pylons with crime scene tape, road lights, spike strips, hazard triangles, signals and more for a total of 52 props.
The evidence tag prop comes with 20 iMtlPlus, (Material Plus), as well as the road sign that is supplied with 9 iMtlPlus files, so that you can decide which one to use in any copy of the prop.
Additionally, the pack includes 3 sound effects: shotgun shots, shotgun reloading, and pistol shooting. These sounds are automatically used when activating the scripts embedded in the weapons.
Special features:
- The helmets are supplied as a cloth and have partial conforming which can be assigned to just the stripes, so while the helmet stays rigid the stripes are following the character’s jaw when opening the mouth.
- The Shotgun has 2 scripts, one simulating shooting and another simulating the reloading including the empty cartridge ejection.
- The pistol also has a shooting script including shell ejection. Its magazine can be detached to simulate reloading.
- Several props have articulated parts to simulate their use like the bolt cutter, the handcuffs, the spike strip, the binoculars, the police sign base, the hazard triangle base, the sunglasses, the stun gun, and the toolbox.
- The road lights have an embedded script to activate the flashing sequence.
- The first aid bag includes a morph in the handlers to simulate its manipulation.
- The unfolded crime scene tape lines have soft cloth physics properties to simulate gravity and wind.
This pack includes three interactive police cars: black and white American patrol car, a brown Sheriff vehicle and a blue/white checkered variation. All of them have optimized meshes to ensure great performance in real-time animations with PBR textures providing a very realistic aspect.
The four doors and the trunk can be opened, and the cars have detailed interiors allowing animation recording from inside. Other mobile parts, like the steering wheel, the gear selector, the throttle and clutch pedals, and the front seats can be animated independently. A police laptop with folding screen is also included, placed in an articulated arm that can be manipulated as well.
All the vehicles have embedded Physics Toolbox scripts to drive the vehicles in real-time over iClone terrains while motions are automatically recorded. This simplifies the animation of vehicles, ensuring a natural match between the rotation of the wheels, the steering and the translation of the car while following the terrain (remember that to use the Toolbox Physics controllers, iClone's Bullet Engine has to be activated).
This pack includes three interactive police motorcycles: black and white American patrol bike, a brown Sheriff bike and a blue/white checkered variation. All of them have optimized meshes to ensure great performance during real-time animations and PBR textures providing a very realistic aspect.
The models have several mobile parts to facilitate realistic animations. So the caps of the storage compartments can be opened, allowing access to their interiors. The kickstand, pedals, and handlers can be moved independently as a wheel. The upper case contains the police laptop, with folding screen and emissive materials for the screen and the keys, that can be detached from the vehicle.
All the vehicles have embedded Physics Toolbox scripts to drive the motorcycles in real-time over iClone terrains, while the motions are automatically recorded. It simplifies the animation of the vehicles, ensuring a natural match between the rotation of the wheels, the steering of the handlebars and the translation of the bike while following the terrain (remember to use the Toolbox Physics controllers, while having the iClone's Bullet Engine activated).

Tags: Police Cars Accessories Motorcycles Clothes Props Combo

  Author: ZeuS, 23-12-2022, 12:12 | Views: 45 | Comments: 1
Cyber Street Bundle

The Cyber Street Bundle is made up of 6 futuristic outfits. Three women's suits and three men's suits. It's more than 30 independent elements.
Textures are generated from Character Creator using precise ID maps. You can easily customize each material and add the graphic elements you want.
Each garment is available in two versions.
Pack includes: 10 CC Avatars, 56 CC Clothes, 5 CC Accessories, 4 CC Hairs, 4 IC Hairs, 1 Eyebrows

Tags: Avatars Clothes Accessories Cyber Hairs

  Author: ZeuS, 10-10-2022, 10:10 | Views: 90 | Comments: 3
Charming Dolls

Charming Dolls characters are well proportioned and attentively crafted with unique styles. You can also redesign your own with face and body morph sliders inside Character Creator 3.
This pack includes 5 avatars, 5 avatar presets, 5 hairs, 12 clothes, shoes and accessories, and morph data. Vivid facial expression profiles have been created and included to be used with the newly-added ExpressionPlus (ExPlus) system. These ExPlus have been especially customized for toon-styled character facial animations.
Pack includes: 5 CC Avatars, 10 CC Morphs, 5 Hairs (for IC & CC), 5 CC Shoes, 12 CC Clothes, 3 CC Accessories

Tags: Avatars Characters Accessories Clothes Shoes Morphs Hairs Anime Teens

  Author: ZeuS, 16-09-2022, 09:09 | Views: 82 | Comments: 5
Adventure Combo

Adventure Series - Outdoor Clothing
This pack includes up to 200 clothes models for all kinds of outdoor activities, from excursions to expeditions, and remote places.
All the models have PBR textures, optimized meshes and texture maps to ensure the best performance in real-time animations while keeping a high level of realism.
Multilayer clothing allows multiple combinations between garments.
The backpacks include morphs, to facilitate strap adaptation to any character size.
Adventure Series - Equipment and Accessories
This pack includes up to 135 models for outdoor activities, providing equipment for excursions as well as for adventures in remote locations and expeditions.
All the models have PBR textures, optimized meshes and optimized texture maps in order to ensure the best performance in real time animations while keeping a high level of realism.
Several models have embedded LUA scripts and morphs to simplify and expand animation possibilities. The intensive use of attached sub-props adapt to any scene situation.
Adventure Series - Multi-purpose Caterpillar Vehicles
This pack includes 4 interactive track vehicles.
All the models have optimized meshes and PBR textures with well-optimized UV maps, making them perfect for real-time animation. In addition, emissive texture maps simulating retro illuminations in the panels and buttons increase the level of realism of the interior of the vehicles.
Precisely, these detailed interiors and multitude of attached sub-props provide a lot of possible operations and configurations, while embedded LUA scripts simplify repetitive operations like activating the windshield wipers or switching on and off the lights of the vehicle.
The vehicles can be driven in real-time over the iClone terrains using their embedded Physic Toolbox controller. The vehicle motion is recorded in real-time, including all the track mechanisms, and can be played after in the timeline, enormously simplifying the animation of such vehicles.
Pack includes: 42 CC Accessories, 200 CC Clothes, 139 CC Props, 139 IC Props, 2 IC Audio

Tags: Props Clothes Accessories Adventure

  Author: ZeuS, 12-09-2022, 12:12 | Views: 52 | Comments: 2
Adventurer Woman

Lets Adventure begin!
Pack includes: 3 CC Actors, 12 CC Accessories, 1 CC Hair, 12 CC Clothes, 3 CC Shoes

Tags: Actors Accessories Clothes Shoes Hairs Adventure

  Author: ZeuS, 17-08-2022, 14:14 | Views: 52 | Comments: 2
African Female Casual Outfits Pack

The African Female Casual Outfits Pack is a basic outfit pack to clothe characters in simple African outfits. The outfits are Reallusion-generated and are therefore physics-ready and follow best practises for Reallusion garments. The pack comes with garments with interesting and rich African ‘Ankara’ fabrics which add the African flavor to scenes.
The pack contains: 2 bras, 2 pants, 2 jackets, 2 shirts, 2 bum shorts, 4 dresses.
The base models, hair and shoes are not included in this pack.
Pack includes: 15 Cloths

Tags: Clothes Africa Outfits Casual

  Author: ZeuS, 17-07-2022, 07:07 | Views: 50 | Comments: 2
Hoodies & Joggers Bundle

This is the Hoodies and Joggers pack for Males and Females. Along with the cloth bases for allowing you to create your own special styles, you get several pre-textured and ready to go pieces. Each piece is completely customizable using the Substance Appearance Editor inside Character Creator.
Designs on Hoodie Front and Wording on Cap was done with the Decal feature - this can be replaced with your own decal or simply turned off in the appearance editor if not wanted.
Pack includes: 26 CC Clothes, 10 CC Accessories

Tags: СС3 Clothes Accessories Bundle

  Author: ZeuS, 9-06-2022, 06:06 | Views: 58 | Comments: 2
Fashion Accessories

Add a glamorous touch to your character!
Fashion Accessories Bundle includes 79 types of accessories, with 6 iMaterial Plus for each one of the models, providing a total of 468 ready to be used.
There are different parts of head accessories that you can freely match with your characters including accessories, bandanas, bow, chokers, earrings, elastics, hair clips, hairpins, piercings, tiaras, and more.
Various selections allow you to adorn and stylize characters for multiple possibilities and value.
Pack includes: 9 CC Clothes, 70 CC Accessories, 468 Material Plus (For Character Creator and iClone)

Tags: Clothes Accessories Materials Bundle CC3

  Author: ZeuS, 8-06-2022, 08:08 | Views: 61 | Comments: 1
Legend of Pharaoh

Inspired by ancient glorious Egyptian empire legacy and mysterious and terrifying Mummy tales, we believe these elements can be a fascinating storytelling theme.
Legend of Pharaoh pack provides you with a range of clothing, accessories, canes, weapons. You can get more assembly freedom and create a story of Egyptian legend!
Perfectly present metallic texture through fine carving. Immaculate detailing on every texture map lets the surface materials stand-out under most lighting conditions.
Pack includes: 8 CC Characters, 29 CC Cloths, 8 CC Accessories, 1 CC Shoe

Tags: CC3 Characters Clothes Accessories Shoes Egypt Combo

  Author: ZeuS, 22-04-2022, 11:11 | Views: 146 | Comments: 3
Gladiator Vol.1

Inspired by Ancient Roman gladiators, this pack contains four complete gladiator outfits with a total of 24 pieces and 5 Weapons, all with PBR textures.
Weapons, helmets, skirts and various armor pieces can be easily mixed and matched. It’s everything you need to create your own unique looking gladiator.
Pack includes: 4 CC Projects, 24 CC Cloths (Outfits), 6 CC Accessories (Weapons)

Tags: Projects Clothes Accessories Medieval CC3

  Author: ZeuS, 11-02-2022, 06:06 | Views: 124 | Comments: 2
Cyber Punk Mega Pack

Welcome to Cyber Punk World!
Mega collection of Cyber Punk looks for Character Creator.
Pack includes: 6 Projects, 65 Cloths, 38 Hairs, 2 Eyes, 8 Shoes, 3 Skins

Tags: CC3 Projects Skins Eyes Hairs Clothes Shoes MEGA

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