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  Author: ZeuS, 16-07-2023, 18:18 | Views: 27 | Comments: 1
Doomsday Zombies

This pack delivers six high-quality zombie characters with their clothes and equipment. The use of PBR materials and optimized high definition texture maps, make the models looking extremely real, while keeping a reasonable number of polygons that allows us to animate them in real time.
The clothes can be exchanged between the characters of the pack, or be used in your own characters. However, keep in mind that the tears and holes of these clothes have been designed to match with the wounds in their original characters. Also, the collision shapes of the characters could need to be re-edited if some garment has been exchanged.
Pack includes: 12 x CC Projects (6 Base Characters + 6 Fully clothed Characters), 18 x CC Clothes, 1 x CC Accessory

Tags: Projects Clothes Accessories Zombie Horror Characters

  Author: ZeuS, 4-06-2023, 12:12 | Views: 41 | Comments: 1
Zombie Pack 1 Zombie Pack 2 Zombie Pack 3

Bundle of 72 High-Quality SkinGen Assets for Character Creator
Combine wounds and skin blend modes for an array of "film style" prosthetic effects.
This Bundle will help you to level up your zombie designs inside Character Creator.
Special Features:
- DMFX is powered by Reallusuion's SkinGen Editor. This allows you to stack DMFX prosthetic materials, and control the blend options between layers like Photoshop. This combination of our assets allows for almost limitless design possibilities.
- Layer Editing - You can show/hide, edit opacity levels, blend modes, merge and flatten to create subtly integrated skin texture sets.
- Dynamic Material Editing - Change material attributes for color, transformation, and tiling.
- Custom Textures - Create your own unique effects from custom masks, defining the DMFX materials range.
- Blend Modes for Layer Effects - Blending effects have never been easier with SkinGen's layer stack and blend modes. These blend modes behave just like Photoshop.
If you need any tips or tricks on how to create a cinematic-looking Zombie Character watch Zombie Creation Tutorials Series (Youtube)
Pack includes: 72 CC Skins

Tags: Skins SkinGen Zombie Bundle

  Author: ZeuS, 3-10-2021, 10:10 | Views: 1 640 | Comments: 13
Zombie Crew

Meet The Zombie Crew! These 5 Zombies are Non-Human Characters. Each has over 20 motions unique and specifically geared for the zombie character.
Pack includes: 5 Characters, 109 Motions

Tags: Characters Motions Zombie Halloween

  Author: ZeuS, 31-08-2021, 10:10 | Views: 212 | Comments: 4
Zombie Motions

This is a practical handkey zombie action package for game.
There are three different style zombie actions, and each style has various motion including bite, walk, run, attack, death, etc.
Pack includes: 23 Motions

Tags: Motions Zombie

  Author: ZeuS, 31-08-2021, 08:08 | Views: 2 621 | Comments: 23
Zombie Man

Rigged Zombie Man with 5 skin variations (Pallid, Dirty, Brown, Bloody and Burnt).
Additionally this package contains Naked Zombie Man variation.
Works with all standard iClone motions.
Pack includes: 2 Characters, 1 Motion, 32 Materials

Tags: Characters Zombie Motions Materials

  Author: ZeuS, 14-02-2018, 14:14 | Views: 6 893 | Comments: 33

Description: Here are some PBR Military Zombie Extras for your scene.
Pack includes: 8 Characters

Tags: Characters Zombie PBR

  Author: ZeuS, 13-02-2018, 13:13 | Views: 6 928 | Comments: 39

Description: Here are some PBR Zombie Extras for your scene.
Pack includes: 8 Characters

Tags: Characters Zombie PBR

  Author: ZeuS, 11-10-2015, 12:12 | Views: 11 175 | Comments: 32

Description: Small Crowds are a revolutionary new concept has converted 3D Character Models into iClone Props with embedded animations. As animated Props, you can easily multiply the Characters in your scene just like you would do for normal Props and benefit from the fact that cloned object instances share common resources thus allowing you to pack a very large number of animated Characters in your scene. Furthermore, each Character uses a very small polygon count while maintaining excellent visual quality for close-up shots. You can even use the iClone "Multi-Duplicate" tool to clone your Characters along a vector or circular path and edit the applied animations on the timeline to add randomness to each character move.
Pack includes: 7 + 8 Props (with Motions)

Tags: Props COMBO Motions Zombie Small Crowds

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