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  Author: ZeuS, 16-07-2023, 19:19 | Views: 55 | Comments: 1
Doomsday Survivors

This pack delivers six high-quality survivor characters with their clothes and equipment. The use of PBR materials and optimized high definition texture maps, make the models looking extremely real, while keeping a reasonable number of polygons that allows us to animate them in real time.
Pack includes: 12 x CC Projects (6 Base Characters + 6 Fully clothed Characters), 25 x CC Clothes, 26 x CC Accessories

Tags: Characters Character Creator Apocalyptic Clothes Accessories

  Author: ZeuS, 15-01-2023, 15:15 | Views: 4 003 | Comments: 10
Apocalyptic City Power Pack Bundle

This Bundle includes the Following Packs:
- Extreme Furniture Pack
- Extreme Office Furniture Pack
- Extreme Flora Pack
- Extreme Street Pack
- Extreme Vehicle Pack
- Extreme Crate Pack
- Extreme Road Pack
- Extreme Building Pack
Pack includes: 874 Props

Tags: Props Apocalyptic City

  Author: ZeuS, 15-11-2022, 13:13 | Views: 2 055 | Comments: 8
Apocalyptic France DUO

It is a DUO pack because all props are supplied with both dirty apocalyptic textures, along with cleaner versions for pre-apocalyptic look.
It's a replica a French City block and includes 4 Scene Modules each of both versions that can be added to the stage and will together form one larger city scene. In addition, all props are supplied individually so you can add and enhance to your liking.
Pack includes: 68 Props

Tags: Props Apocalyptic Abandoned Scenes

  Author: ZeuS, 21-07-2021, 08:08 | Views: 2 898 | Comments: 19
Apocalyptic London

It's 28 days later... and vicious, bloodthirsty zombies have taken over London! The assets in this pack are perfect for constructing your very own desolate post-apocalyptic city scene.
It comes complete with 47 ready-to-use assets, with building faces that are LOD compatible, and able to drop the poly-count to only 2-tris when your camera is at a distance. Wind zones also simulate gusts of wind in the form of animated particle effects. All models come complete with high-res textures, including normal maps. A scene project is included.
Pack includes: 1 Project, 2 Particles, 44 Props

Tags: Props Abandoned City Apocalyptic Scenes

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