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  Author: ZeuS, 1-05-2024, 12:12 | Views: 35 | Comments: 2
S.W.A.T. Combo

This pack delivers all the necessary items to dress up your special force units:
- 3 Vests & shirts with long sleeves in 4 color variations (Black, Blue, Green and Sand)
- 3 Vests & shirts with rolled up sleeves in 4 color variations (Black, Blue, Green and Sand)
- 2 Models of pants in 4 color variations (Black, Blue, Green and Sand)
- T-shirt in 4 color variations (Black, Blue, Green and Sand)
- Boots in 2 color variations (Black and Sand)
- Caps in 4 color variations (Black, Blue, Green and Sand)
- 3 Helmet variations (Plain, with goggles up, with goggles down), each one in 3 colors (Black, Green and Sand)
- Gloves in three color variations (Black, Green and Sand)
In addition, special accessories like watches, tactical glasses, additional pockets, night vision goggles, earphones and a gas mask are also supplied.

This pack delivers the weapons specially developed for SWAT teams including replicas of real models:
- HK 416 assault rifle in three color variations
- R700 Sniper rifle in three color variations
- R870 Shotgun in two material variations
- SigP226 pistol in two material variations
- Stinger missile portable launcher in three color variations
In addition, extra gear like grenades, magnetic explosives, detonator, radio talkie, chemlight bars, ammunition for all the weapons, battering ram and protective shield are also provided.

This pack includes special vehicles and consoles designed for SWAT units. The pack includes:
1- Armored truck in 3 colors (Black, Green and Sand), featuring several mobile parts like doors, hatches, handlers, shooting overtures, bench covers, seats, steering wheel, pedals, gear selector, etc…
The rear troop benches can be removed to convert the vehicle into a cargo unit, or be replaced for a drone control console also included in the pack. The multidirectional microphone and the satellite antenna attached to the rooftop can be detached and used independently.
Embedded LUA scripts can be used to perform complex animations in parts of the vehicle, like the wipers, the siren and flashlights as well as all the lights (both exteriors and interiors) which can be switched ON and OFF via script.
The model also includes a four wheel Toolbox Controller to actually drive the vehicle over a terrain while iClone is automatically recording the animation, ensuring a perfect coordination between the terrain, the wheel rotation and the truck translation.
1 - EOD Bomb detection Robot featuring a complete articulated arm and video camera.
The model includes a caterpillar Toolbox Controller to actually drive the vehicle over a terrain while iClone is automatically recording the animation, ensuring a perfect coordination between the terrain and the caterpillar parts.
A detailed portable suitcase controller for the robot is also supplied, including mobile parts for the joysticks and the case cover where the screen is inserted. Independent UV map for the screen allows you to replace its image by dragging and dropping a new image or video in iClone's material editor.
1 - Reaper Drone featuring mobile parts in the camera and wing flaps as well as detachable missiles.
Embedded LUA scripts can be used to perform complex animations like retract or deploy the landing gear, or activate the propeller.
A detailed control console is also supplied in the pack featuring articulated joysticks and thrusters, as well as configurable seats. The console can be placed inside the armored truck, (previously hiding or removing its benches), or be used stand alone in a building of your convenience.
Each screen in the console has an independent UV map, which allows you to change the image by dragging and dropping any picture or video in iClone's material editor.

PBR materials and emissive texture maps simulating retro illuminations in the screens and panels provide a high level of realism in all the models, while optimized meshes and texture maps make these models perfect for real time animation.

Tags: Props Accessories War Guns PBD Materials CC3

  Author: ZeuS, 14-08-2022, 08:08 | Views: 82 | Comments: 2
Party Fun - Hairs and Accessories

What's cooler than crashing a party with your friend? Well, crashing it in style of course!
Dress up your characters in bold and colorful hairstyles, mix and match accessories to create unique adornments, and watch your characters become the center of attention at any parades, festivals or party scenes with dynamic spring and physics animation effects.
The hairs and hats can automatically conform to any head shapes and sizes, and their textures are ready to be customized when used in conjunction with your favorite image editing program. If you have the Character Creator tool, then you can also edit them dynamically with the powerful Appearance Editor.
Pack includes: 15 x CC Hairs, 88 x CC Accessories, 100 x Bonus CC Hairs & CC Accessories

Tags: Hairs Accessories CC3

  Author: ZeuS, 9-06-2022, 06:06 | Views: 115 | Comments: 2
Fashion Accessories

Add a glamorous touch to your character!
Fashion Accessories Bundle includes 79 types of accessories, with 6 iMaterial Plus for each one of the models, providing a total of 468 ready to be used.
There are different parts of head accessories that you can freely match with your characters including accessories, bandanas, bow, chokers, earrings, elastics, hair clips, hairpins, piercings, tiaras, and more.
Various selections allow you to adorn and stylize characters for multiple possibilities and value.
Pack includes: 9 CC Clothes, 70 CC Accessories, 468 Material Plus (For Character Creator and iClone)

Tags: Clothes Accessories Materials Bundle CC3

  Author: ZeuS, 8-06-2022, 08:08 | Views: 96 | Comments: 2
Legend of Pharaoh

Inspired by ancient glorious Egyptian empire legacy and mysterious and terrifying Mummy tales, we believe these elements can be a fascinating storytelling theme.
Legend of Pharaoh pack provides you with a range of clothing, accessories, canes, weapons. You can get more assembly freedom and create a story of Egyptian legend!
Perfectly present metallic texture through fine carving. Immaculate detailing on every texture map lets the surface materials stand-out under most lighting conditions.
Pack includes: 8 CC Characters, 29 CC Cloths, 8 CC Accessories, 1 CC Shoe

Tags: CC3 Characters Clothes Accessories Shoes Egypt Combo

  Author: ZeuS, 22-04-2022, 11:11 | Views: 178 | Comments: 4
Gladiator Vol.1

Inspired by Ancient Roman gladiators, this pack contains four complete gladiator outfits with a total of 24 pieces and 5 Weapons, all with PBR textures.
Weapons, helmets, skirts and various armor pieces can be easily mixed and matched. It’s everything you need to create your own unique looking gladiator.
Pack includes: 4 CC Projects, 24 CC Cloths (Outfits), 6 CC Accessories (Weapons)

Tags: Projects Clothes Accessories Medieval CC3

  Author: ZeuS, 1-04-2022, 04:04 | Views: 169 | Comments: 4
Conforming Hair Bundle

The Automatic Conforming capability brings another level of simplicity applying hair to different head shapes.
Some Hairstyles contain soft physics settings that can simulate natural flowing hair effects.
Free to define hair color patterns with an RGB color mask to separate one piece of hair mesh into different color areas.
Pack includes: 10 CC Hairs

Tags: Hairs CC3 Bundle

  Author: ZeuS, 11-02-2022, 06:06 | Views: 153 | Comments: 2
Cyber Punk Mega Pack

Welcome to Cyber Punk World!
Mega collection of Cyber Punk looks for Character Creator.
Pack includes: 6 Projects, 65 Cloths, 38 Hairs, 2 Eyes, 8 Shoes, 3 Skins

Tags: CC3 Projects Skins Eyes Hairs Clothes Shoes MEGA

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