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  Author: ZeuS, 4-06-2024, 12:12 | Views: 13 | Comments: 2
CA4 2D Actor Backstage

G3 Actor Dressing Room
The Dressing Room pack is a must-have G3 character dress up tool for any user who wants to quickly create, customize, and modify existing G3 character outfits.
This pack provides 7 male outfits, 12 female outfits.
G3 360 Hair Salon
The G3 360 Hair Salon pack consists of 27 most popular hairstyles for male and female characters, which includes 12 male hairs and 15 female hairs with accessories.
Pack includes: 57 Actors, 27 Hairs, 1 Nose

Tags: Actors Hairs CA4

  Author: ZeuS, 18-02-2024, 12:12 | Views: 2 328 | Comments: 8
Mega Props Pack 2

The Mega Props Pack 2 by Garry Pye is a collection of over 70 large scale, hand drawn props that can be used in almost any project.
Pack includes: 83 Props

Tags: Props CA4

  Author: ZeuS, 18-02-2024, 12:12 | Views: 31 | Comments: 1
Gears and Warehouse

This pack contains 2 warehouse building props, 10 tool props,1 auto loader and 1 tipper truck. The auto loader and tipper truck are animated props grouped with separated layers, allow you to put driver inside the vehicles.
This pack is ideal for info-graphic presentation, making training or commercial video.
Pack includes: 28 Props

Tags: Props CA4

  Author: ZeuS, 19-09-2023, 13:13 | Views: 1 295 | Comments: 10
Graveyard1 Graveyard2 Graveyard3

You can never go wrong with a good graveyard scene!
In this Bundle, you have 6 fantastic graveyard scenes and 3 scenes that are focused on the main tomb that help you tell the bigger story.
Pack includes: 9 Scenes, 3 Props

Tags: Scenes Props Halloween CA4

  Author: ZeuS, 6-03-2023, 09:09 | Views: 4 045 | Comments: 17
Environment Bundle

Environment Bundle includes packs below:
1. Wind Mill
2. A Trail in the Mountains
3. Artifact
4. New World
5. New World 1
These ctScenes are set up with the correct z-axis layering for quality camera control and the ability to move your characters and props about within the scene in the proper perspective.
Pack includes: 5 Scenes, 5 Props

Tags: Scenes Props CA4

  Author: ZeuS, 11-04-2022, 11:11 | Views: 92 | Comments: 4
Office Life Motion Pack

This pack includes 20 Perform motions and 4 Props which means it contains facial expressions already, so it can get your work done quickly. Besides that, most motions are in loop format so it can be combined to compose a story easily.
Pack includes: 20 Performs, 4 Props

Tags: Props CA4 Motions

  Author: ZeuS, 10-04-2022, 12:12 | Views: 91 | Comments: 2
Conversation Mood Motion Pack 1 Conversation Mood Motion Pack 2

Most animation needs a lot of conversation to deliver the idea to the audience, now the Conversation Mood Bundle provide different moods, Joy, Mad, Sorrow, Happy, an others. The Bundle suitable for most scenarios and the only thing you need to do is typing the script inside the TTS Dialog to generate Viseme Key automatically, the animation will be done!
Pack includes: 41 Performs

Tags: Motions CA4 Bundle

  Author: ZeuS, 6-04-2022, 06:06 | Views: 93 | Comments: 6
G3 Animals - Horses

Win every trophy and blue ribbon at the local hippodrome with these well-trained 2D horses. These 3 personalized horses are ready to be animated with up to 42 unique horse motions for all kinds of horse scenes.
The pack includes 3 majestic horses. A black Stallion which is a thoroughbred racing champion with a strong body; a white Cremello that has blue blood with an elegant figure; and a Chestnut mare with exemplary stamina. They are all a great combination that will bring epic performances to your 2D animations.
Pack includes: 3 Actors, 42 Motions

Tags: CA4 Actors Motions Animals Horses

  Author: ZeuS, 8-02-2022, 10:10 | Views: 3 642 | Comments: 14
12 Principles of Animation in Cartoon Animator

IF YOU WANT TO DO ANIMATION BUT DON’T KNOW HOW TO DRAW - You've come to the right place!
31 fun and easy Lessons
3.6 hrs Videos
14 Projects

Tags: CA4 Manuals Tutorials Video Lessons

  Author: ZeuS, 8-02-2022, 10:10 | Views: 74 | Comments: 2
Family Pack

This Pack contains 8 flat Characters for Cartoon Animator 4: 4 females and 4 males, which you can apply both the G3 front and side facing movements to them. Also Family Characters are designed to work with facial puppeteering.
Each Character contains :
- Front facing and side facing actors
- 30 hand sprites
- 6 pairs of eye sprites
- 15 mouth sprites

Tags: CA4 Actors Props Combo Family

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