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  Author: ZeuS, 13-08-2023, 20:20 | Views: 1 042 | Comments: 9
Mansion Kitchen

Mansion Kitchen Scene + 100 Props:
Kitchen Furniture (6):Fridge, Fridge opened, Table, Chair, Oven, Lamp.
Kitchen Elements (29) : Bottle, Cup, Fork, Glass, Knife, Pan, Plate, Rolling pin, Shopping cart, Spatula, Whisk, Spoon, Shadow.
Food products: (18) : Box, Coke, Cookie pack, Jam, Ketchup, Milk, Orange Juice, Packs, Pasta box, Peper, Plastic bag, Salt, Souce, Bottled Water, Yogurt, Shadow.
Food Dishes & Bakery (28): Bread, Cake, Cookie, Ice cream, Mace, Bacon, Cheese, Chicken rosted, Chicken leg, Egg, Fried egg, Fries, Fish, Hamburguer, Meat, Pasta, Pizza, Prawn, Sandwich, Sausage, Soup.
Food Fruits & Vegetables (19): Apple, Banana, Cherry, Grapes, Orange, Pear, Strawberry, Watermelon, Aubergine, Avocado, Carrot, Col, Cucumber, Garlic, Lemon, Lettuce, Potato, Tomato,
Pack includes: 4 Projects, 1 Scene

Tags: Food Scenes Projects Props

  Author: ZeuS, 23-02-2020, 07:07 | Views: 4 655 | Comments: 29

Description: Here you can find a lot of food items - two kinds of cheese, eight kinds of meat and sauseges, three herb bundles and three vegetable bundles.
Pack includes: 59 Props

Tags: Props Food

  Author: ZeuS, 22-12-2019, 14:14 | Views: 4 188 | Comments: 43

Description: Here you can find a lot of tasty desserts, cakes, biscuits, rolls, candies and ice-creams.
Triangle counts:
Big tort - 10000 tris
Small tort - 4360 tris
Cakes (total for 8 items) - 5300 tris
Biscuits (total for 4 items) - 550 tris
Icecreams (total for 3 items) - 4300 tris
Small candies (total for 7 items) - 430 tris
Big candies (total for 9 items) - 1900 tris
Pack includes: 50 Props, 7 Materials

Tags: Props Materials Food

  Author: ZeuS, 26-03-2015, 15:15 | Views: 14 989 | Comments: 57

Description: This is huge collection of beautifull props of foods - survivalist food, classic desserts, fast food, classic candies, farm food and supermarket food!
Pack includes: 289 Props

Modified: ZeuS, 6-04-2020, 20:52

Tags: Props Food Collection

  Author: ZeuS, 5-02-2015, 05:05 | Views: 40 357 | Comments: 89

Cartoon Solutions Characters Collection Vol.1 (7 Characters: Aaron, Alison, Angela, Barak Obama, Dave, Justin, Kim; 18 Props)
This pack provides you with U.S. President Barack Obama and 6 other cartoonish characters with vivid personalities. Back and Side views are available for use. Not only are you able to control each character's facial expressions but you are also able to choose a variety of hand gestures to convey their emotions.
Cartoon Solutions Scenes Collection Vol.1 (6 Scenes, 115 Props)
The scene pack collection provides you with 6 different scenes including domestic scenes and special themes like Haunted House and Christmas Eve. Included are a plenty of objects with gorgeous cartoon styles, all designed to enhance your projects.
Cartoon Solutions Props Collection Vol.1 (110 Props, 53 Food)
This prop pack collection offers plenty of cartoonish items, props, appliances, outdoor sport equipments and a variety of food. Decorate your virtual sets with these lively and detailed props.

Modified: ZeuS, 7-12-2019, 12:54

Tags: Cartoon Animator Combo Scenes Characters Props Food Toon

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