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   Author: ZeuS, 26-02-2015, 17:19 | Views: 7 750 | Comments: 10
iClone Props Pack - Small Crowds Traffic Vol.3 Consumer 4WD

Description: The Small Crowd Traffic Vehicles are High Quality Medium Resolution 3D models so that they look real good on close up scenes and yet, do not consume too many computing resources. There are a few exceptions but most Vehicle are less than 43K including the fully animated driver ! Furthermore, As animated Props, you can easily multiply each Vehicle in your scene just like you would do for normal Props and benefit from the fact that cloned object instances share common resources thus allowing you to pack more Vehicles in your scene. In addition to this, each Vehicle is provided with a number of key accessible materials you can customize to your liking by changing the colors attributes and/or by loading different textures such as using Glow Maps on Head and Tail lights to simulate turning on the lights in a night scene! The body and wheels of each vehicle are provided as individual Props attached to a fully animated Car Rig and therefore, they can be easily replaced by other custom parts to your liking and you can use them to build a complementary iCar for your collection !!!
Pack includes: 5 Props

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 26 February 2015 17:27
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All big thanks you to Mr.Zeus!


 27 February 2015 02:43
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thanks you


 27 February 2015 23:40
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odo ungran exito todo loque acen grasias zeuz saludos desde costa rica


 28 February 2015 22:30
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Большое спасибо!


 19 May 2015 21:56
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Легко дружить с людьми простыми.
Чью жизнь не губит суета.
Душа их, как родник в пустыне,
И бескорыстна и чиста.


 14 August 2015 14:33
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good work winked


 25 March 2016 19:56
Plasma Rat
Comments: 0
T h a n k Y o u ! winked


 3 May 2016 05:42
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Comments: 40
Awesome as always!


 31 July 2017 02:51
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 14 February 2018 07:06
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