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   Author: ZeuS, 3-11-2014, 11:11 | Views: 16 443 | Comments: 91
iClone Scene Pack - EZ Sets Sea Model

Description: Sea Model for iClone 3D plus 11 x Pre-Build Sea Environmental Sets including Sunset, Partially Sunny, Blue Moon, Foggy, Blizzard, Rainy Day, Partially Cloudy, Sunny Day, Cloudy Evening, Starry Night and Sea Storm.
Each Set include a number of special props carefully crafted to best represent various weather conditions and time-of day at the high seas. The Pack include 2 fully animated and exclusive Sea Water surfaces (50 x 50) and (100 x 100). Each surface was carefully modeled and animated using high end simulation tools to best represent the movement of Waves typically found under various weather conditions. The height of the waves can be directly controlled inside iClone by simply scaling the Prop on the Z axis. The Speed of wind can also be adjusted by compressing or extending the Water surface animation directly from the timeline.
The pack also includes a series of Sky Domes for representing weather conditions and Sea Bed. The Sky and Sea Bed use different materials that can easily be altered to your liking by changing the various material parameters or by loading a completely new texture image. The Sky Dome also carries embedded animations for rotating East or West. You can also apply an opacity Map to the Sky area of the Sky dome and experiment adding various iClone Skies and atmospheric effects to the scene!
Pack includes: 11 Projects, 4 Props

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 3 November 2014 13:14
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Excelente, graciaz Zeus


 3 November 2014 13:16
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Thanks, thanks, thanks wink


 3 November 2014 13:30
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Comments: 73
великолепно,спасибо большое, ZeuS!


 3 November 2014 13:36
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Comments: 278
Muchas gracias Zeus.

Saludos desde Sevilla-Espana.


 3 November 2014 13:42
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Comments: 173
thank you very much Zeus

Saludos desde Gerona Catalu?a


 3 November 2014 14:11
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thank you very much Zeus


 3 November 2014 14:21
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 3 November 2014 14:24
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COOOOOL Thank you


 3 November 2014 14:29
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Gracias !!!!! wassat


 3 November 2014 14:33
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thank u very much


 3 November 2014 14:43
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La ringrazio molto, signor Zeus.


 3 November 2014 14:57
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Thanks alot dear zeus.
you are the best.qq


 3 November 2014 15:03
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Thanks Mr. Z


 3 November 2014 15:04
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Big up to Zeus !


 3 November 2014 15:59
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thank you very much Zeus



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