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   Author: ZeuS, 21-11-2014, 12:12 | Views: 10 474 | Comments: 76
iClone Props Pack - G5 Small Crowds Medieval Witch-Hunt

Description: Small Crowds are a revolutionary new concept has converted iClone G5 Characters to Props with embedded animations. As animated Props, you can now easily multiply the characters in your scene just like you would do for normal Props and benefit from the fact that cloned object instances share common resources thus allowing you to pack more characters in your scene. Furthermore, it was carefully optimized each mesh to reduce the overall polygon count to less than 15K per character while maintaining maximum quality so that the characters still look good in close-up shots. You can even use the iClone "Multi-Duplicate" tool to clone your characters along a vector or circular path!
Each Small Crowd Base Character can be further modified by re-texturing or by attaching additional props to its skeleton base (e.g. attaching Hair to the Head Bone of the Prop or attaching prop accessories such as a Bag to the Hand bone). Finally, each applied animations can also be edited on the timeline.
This pack is supplied with 6 completely different Medieval Character bases (3 Male and 3 Female), 22 high quality animations (13 Male and 9 Female) and 11 Pre-Assembled Small Crowds with different Walk, Sneak Idle and look around Motions. The Clothing layer for these characters was designed by an award winning fashion designer using Marvelous Designer advanced fashion design tools, polygon reduced and rigged to perfection. Furthermore, the materials are presented on separate pre-cut layers making it extremely easy for re-texturing.
Pack includes: 31 Props (with Motions)

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 21 November 2014 19:12
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All big thanks you to Mr.Zeus! laughing


 21 November 2014 19:29
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Спасибо, Зевс smile


 21 November 2014 21:10
Comments: 0


 21 November 2014 22:06
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Comments: 114
thank you


 21 November 2014 22:23
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Thanks, ZeuS.

Can't wait to 'light up' my first witch.

"Burn, witch, burn!"


 21 November 2014 22:34
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Comments: 93
Grazie mille...!


 21 November 2014 22:35
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thanks you


 21 November 2014 22:58
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Comments: 30
Thank you Zeus!!!


 21 November 2014 23:07
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Comments: 58
Miam miam ! Thank you Sir


 22 November 2014 00:33
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Comments: 38
Zeus as ever, a huge thank you.


 22 November 2014 00:37
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Comments: 9
very much!


 22 November 2014 01:25
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Fenomenal Muchisimas Gracias


 22 November 2014 02:02
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Thank you zeus...am I going to have fun with these..


 22 November 2014 02:41
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Thank you for your valuable services.


 22 November 2014 03:27
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Big thanks to you Zeus



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