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   Author: ZeuS, 21-10-2015, 01:01 | Views: 9 243 | Comments: 51
iClone Combo Pack - Seven Medieval Heroes

Description: This Seven Medieval Heroes pack includes 7 unique battle-ready characters: knight, archer, guard, female assassin, swordsman, as well as both a male and female wizard. Each low-poly model exhibits exceptional visual quality and look stunning in any iClone scene. The variety of characters contained within make it the quintessential pack for any medieval or fantasy story.
The characters in this pack consist of an eclectic variety of accessories which can be hidden or assigned to any character to create a different look.
There is also an animated archer and an animated arrow included in this pack, which can be utilized to perform dynamic aiming and shooting animations. Each additional character also comes with their own iProps as well.
The accessories in the Seven Medieval Heroes pack can be saved separately for use with other characters as well.
This pack also contain 225 general and fighting motions including firing magic power, magic helix, knight salute, archer motions, dying motions, spell casting, sneaking, sword fighting, swimming, eating, kissing, idle and more.
Pack includes: 7 Characters (Archer, Knight, Guard, Male and Female Wizard, Swordsman and Female Assasin), 8 Live Prop (Archer, Animated Archer Arrow, Knight, Guard, Male and Female Wizard, Swordsman and Female Assasin), 225 Motions (Archer x 36 , Knight x 31 , Male Wizard x 37, Guard x 29, Female Wizard x 39, Female Assasin x 33, Swordsman x 20)

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 18 October 2015 21:48
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All big thanks you to Mr.ZeuS!


 19 October 2015 04:42
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 19 October 2015 13:48
Anna Sov
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хороший пак! winked


 20 October 2015 08:04
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Thanks again Zeus Cheers


 20 October 2015 17:36
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Thank you my god !! comment je fais pour avoir G6 character base with genital, mason heidi.

please!! please!! plleeeaaaassse!


 21 October 2015 17:23
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Muchas Gracias Zeus.

Saludos desde Sevilla-Espana.


 21 October 2015 18:45
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Thanks ZeuS winked


 21 October 2015 19:00
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Thank you so much. This is great.


 21 October 2015 19:57
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Comments: 173
muchas gracias amigo
recuerdos desde gerona


 21 October 2015 20:01
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Comments: 183
Thanks ZeuS no


 21 October 2015 20:25
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Thanks Zeus, you are the best! I mean it!


 21 October 2015 22:11
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Thank you alot.


 21 October 2015 22:47
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Muchas gracias, many thanks! :)


 22 October 2015 02:34
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 22 October 2015 04:55
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thank you Zeus smile



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