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   Author: ZeuS, 20-06-2016, 12:12 | Views: 6 482 | Comments: 47
iClone Props Pack - Concert Crowd Advanced

Description: Advanced concert crowd with random motions. A thirty Peep low poly STANDING crowd that can be used for concerts, book readings, plays, studios and other types of events. This is a generic, low key crowd. Other concert crowds will be developed in the future. Suitable for filler, establishing and pan shots among others. Not meant for closeups.
Non-merged prop works with duplicate and multi-duplicate once loaded into the workspace. Initial crowd composition can be modified as this prop gives direct access to each of the thirty low poly characters.
Each character has its own built in motion. Colors can be modified.
Pack includes: 1 Prop (30 Low Poly Standing Crowd Motion Peeps)

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 20 June 2016 18:21
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Comments: 166
100x thank you.


 20 June 2016 18:56
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Comments: 183
Thank you Zeus feel


 20 June 2016 20:33
Comments: 0
Thank you Zeus


 20 June 2016 20:57
Status: Offline
Comments: 173
Thank you Zeus


 20 June 2016 21:02
Hisham Hammad
Status: Offline
Comments: 41
Thank you Mr. Zeus smile


 20 June 2016 21:45
Status: Offline
Comments: 146
Спасибо, ZeuS !!!!

Легко дружить с людьми простыми.
Чью жизнь не губит суета.
Душа их, как родник в пустыне,
И бескорыстна и чиста.


 20 June 2016 22:15
Comments: 0
Muchas gracias!!


 20 June 2016 22:26
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Comments: 330
All big thanks you to Mr.ZeuS! winked


 20 June 2016 22:49
Status: Offline
Comments: 148
Many thanks, muchas gracias!


 20 June 2016 22:55
Status: Offline
Comments: 92
Thank you very much


 21 June 2016 00:34
Status: Offline
Comments: 101
thank you. Now I got people.


 21 June 2016 00:40
Status: Offline
Comments: 182
Thank you very much, ZeuS!


 21 June 2016 00:47
Status: Offline
Comments: 22
Thank you very much.

You can be what you want to be


 21 June 2016 06:56
Status: Offline
Comments: 34
Grand Merci ZEUS !!!


 21 June 2016 08:59
Status: Offline
Comments: 278
Muchas gracias por la aportacion.

Saludos desde Sevilla-Espa?a.



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