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   Author: ZeuS, 5-11-2017, 05:05 | Views: 3 358 | Comments: 41
Western Saloon

Description: It's a typical American bar from the 1800's and is supplied as a complete assembled scene, allowing you to open doors, walk inside, open & shut windows and move props around to your liking. Absolutely every detail you could imagine has been included to immerse you the the historical Wild Wild West.
Scene - Supplied as 6 separate parts that will perfectly align when added to the stage to provide you with a complete indoor/outdoor scene set up with a fully furnished interior as shown in promos. Parts include Saloon Base, Saloon Interior Walls, Saloon Furnishings, Room 1, Room 2, and Room 3. Additionally, the Front Wall is a separate sub-prop, with attached sub-props - easily allowing you to hide the wall with one click for ideal camera angles. Ceiling is also a sub-prop for overhead shots.
There is a prop called "Gunshot Decals" - when Saloon Base and Interior Walls are added to the stage, selecting this prop will place multiple gunshots on the walls throughout. There is also a single "gunshot" decal that you can add anywhere you prefer.
Individual Props - Also supplied allowing you to add additional items to the scene or for using in your own assembled scenes. Each one with Normal/Roughness/Metallic/AO.
These are high quality PBR textured props with a visual quality that will truly showcase the new functions of iClone 7.
Pack includes: 97 Props

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 5 November 2017 13:30
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All big thanks you to Mr.ZeuS! relaxed


 5 November 2017 13:42
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Thanks a lot from Spain!


 5 November 2017 13:51
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Thanks you to wink Mr.ZeuS


 5 November 2017 15:43
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Thank You ..


 5 November 2017 15:55
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Thank you Zeus

Greeting from Spain. smiley


 5 November 2017 17:08
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Great, Zeus!

Omnia vincit amor


 5 November 2017 17:46
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 5 November 2017 18:45
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 5 November 2017 19:21
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obrigado !!!


 5 November 2017 22:10
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Thank you very much, ZeuS.


 6 November 2017 00:53
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thank you received.


 6 November 2017 05:14
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Obrigado amigo


 6 November 2017 10:43
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Thank you!!!!


 6 November 2017 15:38
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Thanks a lot ZeuS grin


 6 November 2017 19:29
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It is really nice! Thank you, dear friend Zeus! relaxed



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