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   Author: ZeuS, 3-12-2017, 13:20 | Views: 3 654 | Comments: 52
G5 Elsa - Disney's Frozen

Description: This pack contains three G5 avatars that resemble that wonderfully beloved princess from Disney's Frozen movie. This is my interpretation of what Elsa would look like if she were a real human....
Each is carefully textured down to the smallest details, like trim on shoes and gloves. Just as in the movie, this Elsa has her coronation outfit with and without gloves and her ice queen outfit. All 3 have 9 (nine) of their own special built in motions, as well as Gwynn's default motions - simply use the right click, perform feature to activate.
The pack also includes a wonderful winter SFX snow stage terrain with glowing animated snowflake and ice palace. Also included is a "conjuring snow" animated prop to use with the special included motion "ConjureSnow.iMotion". (Kindly take a moment to view the instructional video below to ensure successful use of these features).
Pack includes: 3 Characters, 22 Motions, 4 Props

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 3 December 2017 14:10
layla hadad
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Thank you very much


 3 December 2017 15:05
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,!!! --- !!! --- --- !!!


 3 December 2017 15:34
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Thank you very much


 3 December 2017 16:25
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Thank very much


 3 December 2017 16:33
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Comments: 166
A big thanks
that's great.


 3 December 2017 17:30
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 3 December 2017 17:33
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 3 December 2017 18:14
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Thank very much


 3 December 2017 18:40
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Comments: 196
Thank you very much Mr ZeuS


 3 December 2017 18:52
mohamed galia
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Comments: 19
thank you for your work. i like


 3 December 2017 20:02
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Comments: 330
All big thanks you to Mr.ZeuS! relaxed


 4 December 2017 00:08
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 4 December 2017 01:18
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Thank you very much Zeus.

Greeting from Spain. kissing_heart


 4 December 2017 01:57
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Oh lord. I can now be so bad with this character and make her be the true evil being that she is. Thank yo so much Sir! Dreams of glory do come true.


 4 December 2017 06:59
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