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Sci-Fi Corridors 1
No Sci-fi scene is complete without a futuristic corridor set! Essential for any kind of dramatic play in futuristic setting, Dexsoft's Sci-fi Corridors pack is suitable for the interior of futuristic buildings, military bases, space stations or space ships.
This pack contains numerous building elements such as wall panels, doors and columns that allow the creation of endless variety of in-door sci-fi environments. Mix and match from a collection of props included to set up a unique scene for your galactic interior design.
Sci-Fi Corridors 2
This is a set of 6 separate and highly detailed sci-fi space rooms/corridors and offers you many varied backdrops for your sci-fi story. It's not just one big room, it's a series of 6 different rooms and corridors that can connect together to form a large space station complex.
Set up your scenes quickly by adding only the room needed for your immediate film. No need to add multiple items to build the set, it's already built for you, thus allowing you to make your movie without spending hours compiling your scene.
Supplied as 6 separate rooms as shown in promos, plus doors and door frames for animating the opening and closing of the doors. Fantastic detail with high res textures, complete with bump, spec and glow for lights.
Sci-Fi Corridors 3
This pack is very impressive and contains 4 corridors and two rooms, each of these easily a set on their own. In addition, There are 33 additional props to further create a realistic and dynamic science fiction spacial station.
There is also a sample set supplied as a single prop with the various rooms and corridors joined together, should you wish to have the corridors and rooms pre-designed. However, using this particular pre-designed set can be a bit awkward to maneuver and mostly you will want to film your scenes separately in each corridor so that the camera can be better controlled.
This pack is such great value - its like getting 6 separate sets as each corridor is quite unique and different from the others, allowing your story to have multiple sets for telling your story. Additionally, the stair props, ladders and other props in this pack are quite versatile and will be useful items for your library.
Pack includes: 83 Props

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saludos desde costa rica grasias ZEUS gran trabajo gran ayuda


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Nice one. Thanks Zeus


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