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Description: Dr. Evil's Laboratory, complete with mad scientist library bookshelves, plenty of ghoul body parts, some witches' cauldrons mixed with some creaky stairs and eery hallways all combined to create this haunted mansion modular mansion set. Make a home for all your spooky and sinister stories.
This is a hand painted, low poly, interior building set.
Includes 3 separate standalone rooms - Main Room, Entry Room and Side Room. Each supplied fully assembled, including 3 room combo for instant animation of stories. When using 3 part rooms, hide one of the room's doors where they line up. These rooms all have separated ceiling, walls and floors as subprops with other subprops attached for easy hiding to allow for camera angles.
You also get all the single sub-props for adding to your scene or use in other projects. These single props have things like drawers, doors, etc. as subprops for animating on the timeline. Note that a few of the sub-props like dressers/shelves in the full scene do not have parts that can be animated (as they are merged), however, you can easily replace with the same single prop in the "singles" folder that has the separate parts if needed.
This pack contains a large number of single props and everything you need to build add-ons or to create your own unique scene.
Pack includes: 193 Props

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Thank you


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Thank You dear bro for this share.


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Vielen Dank


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Thank you very much, ZeuS.


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Thank you Zeus! blush


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All big thanks you to Mr.ZeuS! relaxed


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thank you very much


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Спасибо Зевс!


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Sumptuously! Thank you, Zeus!


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