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Upgrade to Turbo
 Complaint  Author: ZeuS, 10-10-2018, 10:10 | Views: 49 052 | Comments: 227

UPD - 10.10.2018

Read a must!

To copyright holders: The current post does NOT contain ANY materials violates your rights! Are available for download only training video tutorials and examples!

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 18 August 2014 20:48
Comments: 0
Thank you Zeus. Nice work.


 20 August 2014 20:24
Comments: 0
Nice addition (Beards for Alex)


 12 September 2014 00:18
Comments: 0
Hey! I would love to join your community. Could I get an invitation code? Thanks in advance! Have a nice day!


 19 September 2014 14:09
Status: Offline
Comments: 195
Many thanks for your work Zeus


 19 September 2014 16:55
Status: Offline
Comments: 339
Big thanks you to Mr.zeus, for his generosity.


 19 September 2014 19:37
Mr. Kinect
Status: Offline
Comments: 27
Thank you! :)

FiNN thE UmaN


 20 September 2014 03:13
Comments: 0
dude i have registered but it wont let me in i clicked the link u sent me


 22 September 2014 17:33
Iclone Designer
Comments: 0
Thank u very much Mr Zues


 22 September 2014 22:09
Status: Offline
Comments: 139
Acknowledged, but personally do not sympathize with threats and punishments especially when I've been cooperating financially one way or another since I first joined this site. Whether I am or was punished due to misunderstandings in CGP is one thing, now being disrespectful in regards to your work that would be another.

I have never disrespected nobody's work but I will not allowed misunderstanding get me threats nor punishments either, I've also given money in generous amounts of $20 and $50 dollars without ever wanting to become a VIP member at all. Whether I am permanently vanished for misunderstanding and because you get upset because you got personal issues with some people or trolls as they are called in CGP that's up to you to find common ground and be at peace, the more attention to give to them the more they will bother you.

I've never supported nor I've ever been fond of trolls at all, i do not even know who is or who is not a troll in CGP, nor I am interested in knowig, I was not very welcome when I first become a member years ago by trolls, yet, I never continue an argument nor a fight with them at all, I just simply ignored them as I will not go down to their level, I do have an education and principles, and I will not sell them to a cheap discussion, nor I will argue with people at all in real life or in a forum.

I respect you, and I am thankful for your shares, for that same reason I've always supported your site since the very beginning without wanting to become a VIP member at all. If you want to vanish me because you got a war with them,a nd I do appreciate yo are pointing out their names as the last thing I want is to have to reward or deal with trolls myself, so thank you for pointing them out to us, or at least to me.

My only goal is to do videos for entertainment of children without any charge, that's all, my goal is not to start a war with anyone, nor be disrespectful with people who have had great shares like you, and to whom I am most appreciative, and as I said I've shown that by making generous donations since the beginning. Thanks for your contributions and thanks for pointing out the trolls to us. Do with me as you please, but hope you consider as well wht you do to people who have nothing to do with anyone at all. Cheers.


 29 September 2014 18:17
Comments: 0
Many Thanks


 1 October 2014 00:19
Comments: 0
Best man ever


 20 October 2014 17:25
Comments: 0
Hi, I love the work you guys do on this forum. I'm starting to design with iclone 5.5 software and I would like to see and share models. Thanks and I would love you all to send a code to belong to this forum


 28 October 2014 16:24
Comments: 0
Hello how to sign up ? where is the registration page? Thank You

You read this FAQ? angry


 29 October 2014 00:48
mohamed galia
Status: Offline
Comments: 19
Big thanks you to Mr.zeus, for all!


 29 October 2014 18:14
Comments: 0
Thanks a lot


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