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   Author: ZeuS, 8-11-2017, 06:06 | Views: 1 619 | Comments: 39
Apocalypse Characters BUNDLE

Description: This Bundle contains the following packs: Apocalyptic Hero, Mutant Fighter, Infernal Dog, Mutant, Zombie.
Each Creature use high quality texture maps and a very small polygon count providing excellent visual quality for close-up shots. The Prop version of the Creature provides additional functionalities such as the capability to use the multi-duplicate iClone feature and the capability to apply key frames to the scaling of bones which may be required by some of the provided custom animations.
Pack includes: 7 Characters, 179 Motions, 7 Props

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 11 November 2017 14:56
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Thanks Brother sunglasses


 11 November 2017 22:56
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This is really nice... Thanks


 12 November 2017 04:35
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Comments: 102
Thank you, Zeus-


 12 November 2017 13:18
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Comments: 49
Спасибо, Зевс blush


 12 November 2017 15:37
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Спасибо Зевс!


 18 November 2017 09:22
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Thanks so much, Zeus!


 21 November 2017 19:22
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Excelente aporte!


 22 November 2017 00:27
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Thank you very much Mr ZeuS


 22 November 2017 20:56
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Thank you ZeuS.



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