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   Author: ZeuS, 27-05-2018, 07:07 | Views: 3 418 | Comments: 62
Residential House (PBR)

Description: HQ Residential House is an American Style home which includes the house exterior, along with 13 rooms or hallways typically found in large family homes. Each room is supplied fully furnished to get you started quickly. Also, the entrance Door to each room has an animated PERFORM entrance door, along with wall Sections and ceiling that can be hidden for camera angles. As an added bonus, we are able to utilize the advanced features of iClone 7 by using a substance graph, thus allowing many iof the supplied items to be customized to your own unique colour scheme. Rooms included are: Living/Dining Room, Kitchen, Family Room, Kids Room, Baby Room, Main Bedroom, Laundry Room, Office, Main Bedroom, Ensuite Bathroom, 2nd Bathroom, Hallways.
In addition, the Outer House Shell is supplied and can be customized the same way. Select the brick colour, the trim, the siding using the substance graph embedded. The main shell has a front door that has a PERFORM for Open and Close. The double Garage Doors have a PERFORM for Open and Close.
In addition, you get over 260 single props with PBR texturing for creating your own customization to the rooms or for use in other projects. Items such as furniture, walls, windows and window coverings also have the substance graph, allowing you to create your own signature look.
Pack includes: 275 Props

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Thank you


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Nice stuf man 10x


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WOW Thanks


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Very good contents!


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good good


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Thank you ZEUS


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Thank you Mr ZeuS :)


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Thanks for this!


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Thank you Zeus!


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A very nice house ZeuS!
Thank you.


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Thank you you for this!


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