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Aliexpress INT
Aliexpress INT
   Author: ZeuS, 27-03-2015, 13:13 | Views: 12 730 | Comments: 39
SFX1 - Warfare
Special Effects (SFX) - Complete Collection

Description: This pack includes 7 kinds of warfare effects such as missile launches, muzzle fire, sparks from collisions, explosions, jet engine thrusts, Sci Fi backgrounds, and much more! Control the timing of your effects with the simple to use right-click menus.
Have the same special effects like those found in classic movie scenes like Lightsabre battles, robots firing missiles, machine guns laying down suppressing fire, Rayguns blasting away buildings, energy shields, and much more! Your movies will be taken to the next level visual quality with these amazing effects!
Some items of this pack use animated dummies with moving particles to produce more realistic effects!!!
Pack includes: 39 iProps

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SFX2 - Natural Phenomenon
Special Effects (SFX) - Complete Collection

Description: This pack includes all kinds of natural effects such as rain, lightning, snow, falling leaves and much more! It even includes falling stars, moon visuals, and the Milky Way Galaxy with instructions for users to directly apply directional effects and particle density without the need for adjustments.
The pack also provides 8 Atmospheres that are easy to use and can be applied directly without having to adjust the Sky, Light, HDR or IBL Effects.
You may now control the weather by using Special Effects and Atmospheres that will surely bring great dramatic effects to any scene!
Pack includes: 8 Atmospheres, 119 iProps, 2 Animated Textures

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SFX3 - Destructible Building Elements
Special Effects (SFX) - Complete Collection

Description: This pack offers the explosive effects of building elements, such as walls, pillars, ceiling, floor, glass, wooden door. The effects of the explosion will be different based on the different materials such as concrete, brick, glass, or wood. You can also choose different exploding animation on whether there are walls in the surrounding environment. It also offers smoke particles commonly seen in exploding scenes after explosions. You can easily set up scenes for a movie with explosions.
Pack includes: 88 iProps, 2 Props, 3 Particles

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SFX4 - Breakable Tableware
Special Effects (SFX) - Complete Collection

Description: Have you ever wanted to make a classic bar fighting scene or a scene where the fragments of the tableware fly all over the place after they are being ricocheted? The Breakable Tableware in Special Effects Vol. 4 provides you with the best solution. This pack includes 4 types of fragile objects like glass, bottle, china, and cup. There are 3-5 different shapes of each type and many different ways of these objects being broken. This pack will definitely satisfy your need to film broken objects. Each iProp in this pack includes a complete model and a model with breaking animation. You can save the complete model as an independent prop and use it individually. We also provide 4 bonus broken bottles that you can use as weapons. We have pre-organized the UV Map of each iProp. Therefore, you can use the Modify tool to change the material of the object, the content, or even the label on the bottle.
Pack includes: 89 iProps, 4 Props

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27 March 2015 18:39
Comments: 66
saludos desde costarica soy aficionado isu ceguidor

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27 March 2015 18:41
Comments: 116
Since I saw first time the "Destructible building elements" in the IClone market, I was aboslutely hipnotized by it, and now here it is! And the other speccial effects too!!! You are amazing Mr. Zeus, thanks a lot of lots! :)

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27 March 2015 19:08
Comments: 0

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27 March 2015 19:36
Mr. Kinect
Comments: 28
Thank you! smile

FiNN thE UmaN

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27 March 2015 19:47
Comments: 258
All big thanks you to Mr.ZeuS!

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27 March 2015 19:58
Comments: 66
grasias zeus deverdad queles agradesco mucho

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27 March 2015 22:04
Comments: 122
Спасибо, ZeuS!!! Вы, лучший!!!!!! СПАСИБО!!! winked

Легко дружить с людьми простыми.
Чью жизнь не губит суета.
Душа их, как родник в пустыне,
И бескорыстна и чиста.

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27 March 2015 22:19
Comments: 7
Gracias "Zeus", realmente un gran trabajo que haces compartiendonos esto, lastima que no lo subiste a "Deposit files" es mejor, porque "Turbo bit" es muy lento.

Turbobit to slow.. Deposit files is better

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28 March 2015 00:14
Comments: 0
Спасибо за контент Зевс.Нужное дело делаешь.Из разных стран тебе и твоей группе благодарны.))..Зевс хочу тебя проинформировать насчёт файло обменника Турбобит.Они на твоём контенте спам засылают на комп.Сегодня скачал эффекты.Турбобит просто так архив не высылает надо ждать 15 минут пока придёт твоя очередь,он присылает EXE файл.Это загрузчик.При его активации на комп вместе с твоим архивом влазеют (Амиго браузер,Опера браузер,Однокласники,В Контакте,Майл ру,Яндекс)Это всё конечно удоляется легко,но есть файлы которые меняют начальную страницу браузера,отсылают тебя сразу на какой нибудь левый сайт.Подменяется ярлык браузера и файл хостес в системе.Прописывается в реестре и в задачах.Я час избавлялся от этого.Просьба загрузать файлы на Депозитфайлс,Яндексдиск или есть нормальные буржуйские обменники.А турбобит и рапид это рассадники спама ....)))Ещё раз спасибо за контент.

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28 March 2015 01:01
Comments: 94
Awesome. thank you very much Dear Zeus.

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