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 Complaint  Author: ZeuS, 23-09-2017, 13:13 | Views: 9 395 | Comments: 70

Description: Harvey is here!
With over 60 mouth sprites (30 dedicated speech sprites), Harvey has been designed to be the perfect spokesman for your next promotion or tutorial and can help you sell your product or get your message across to your audience.
Want to give Harvey a unique look? Need to create a specific Harvey hairstyle for your next project? Here are 18 (17 new plus the original) hairstyles ready to apply to Harvey to create all new looks.
Want to increase Harveys wardrobe? Need to create a specific look for your next project? Here are 31 hats ready to apply to Harvey to create all new looks. Also includes Harveys side hair and left ear as individual props for correct layering.
Meet Old Harvey. He likes to say things like "Back in my day....." and "Get off my lawn". He's angry, but he's lovable. Old Harvey is a complete character with multiple hand sprites, props and over 60 mouth sprites (30 dedicated speech sprites). You can swap Old Harveys body parts with other Harvey characters and sets to create a wider range of characters.
Harvey hasn't been feeling well, and when you see these great new medical related eyes sprites and first aid props, you'll understand why.
Whether super spy or super villain, Harvey has every gadget he needs for his next mission right at his fingertips.
Pack includes: 2 Actors, 9 Body Parts, 32 Head Parts, 79 Prop

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 23 September 2017 20:41
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Thank You, ZeuS!


 23 September 2017 20:43
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Comments: 42
Thanks thanks...


 23 September 2017 21:33
Comments: 0
thank you more share cta g2 char :)


 24 September 2017 00:41
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Comments: 9
thank you very much sir we miss cta stuff


 24 September 2017 05:55
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Comments: 61
Thanks.. you are really wonderful...
Love to see more CTA3 stuff here!!!


 24 September 2017 12:51
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Comments: 336
All big thanks you to Mr.ZeuS! relaxed


 24 September 2017 14:30
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Comments: 174
Thank You, ZeuS


 24 September 2017 14:50
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Comments: 128
thanks , thanks , thanks...


 24 September 2017 19:08
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Thanks. do you have G2 Power Tools Vol. 2 MEGA Presenter?


 24 September 2017 19:30
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Comments: 296
Thanks ZeuS blush


 24 September 2017 22:59
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Comments: 106
Thank You, ZeuS!


 24 September 2017 23:16
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Thanks ZeuS


 25 September 2017 04:36
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Thank You, ZeuS!


 25 September 2017 10:25
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Thank you Zeus

Greeting from Sapain.


 25 September 2017 14:10
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Comments: 195
Thank you very much Mr ZeuS ;you are the best



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