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  Author: ZeuS, 1-09-2015, 01:01 | Views: 9 007 | Comments: 29
iClone Character Pack - G5 Cloth Marvelous Mia COMBO

Description: The Cloths in this new original Cloth Line uses highly detailed Cloth meshes designed by a fashion artist using Marvelous Designer advanced fashion design tools and rigged to perfection for iClone standard characters.
This pack includes 3 new Child Cloth and a new exclusive Character called "Mia" specially designed to be Matilda's new friend in the neighborhood plus an incredible set of 15 fully detailed characters. Flip flops, runners, Hats and a Headband accessories included.
Cloths Included in the Package:
1) Mia G5 Casual Dress Cloth; This Cloth includes a 3 layer Upper (Skin, Shirt and Belt plus a dual layer Lower (Skin, Skirt),.
2) Mia G5 Casual Shorts Cloth; This Cloth includes a dual layer Upper (Skin, Top) plus a triple layer Lower (Skin, Shorts, Belt).
3) Mia G5 Pantaloons Cloth; This Cloth includes a dual layer Whole set Upper (Skin, Top) plus a dual layer Lower (Skin, Pantaloons).
These Marvelous Designer Cloths are true native G5 Cloths designed by a fashion designer and rigged to the iClone standard skeleton in a way to be fully compatible with Reallusion's G5 Standard Characters., i.e. you can use all other standard G5 accessories, shoes, hands and heads on these character.
Pack includes: 18 G5 standard characters (3 child cloth + 15 fully textured characters)
  Author: ZeuS, 31-08-2015, 12:12 | Views: 8 859 | Comments: 33

Description: This Pack contains a multi layer Boy and Girl Cloth with 10 interchangeable Whole Set Uppers fully textured, including 3 School Caps and 5 Hats accessories, 5 pairs of runners, 3 pairs of Flip Flops and 6 pairs of Sandals. The characters also come with a Preschooler AML persona featuring 8 exclusive motions. The characters features highly detailed pre-cut meshes (Top of the Line), fully exchangeable Whole set Uppers, G4 Heads, are fully compatible with iClone Human Motion files and Facial Animation.
Pack includes: 10 Characters, 8 Motions, 14 Shoes, 1 Persona, 10 Upper, 8 Accessories
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