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 Complaint  Author: ZeuS, 27-03-2020, 03:03 | Views: 4 420 | Comments: 213

I regret to inform you that on 25 March 2020, my best friend and partner MaddMaxx died!
It's very hard! I have no words!
There were a lot of plans and projects for the future!
I am broken and do not know what to do!
He did a lot for all of us!
R.I.P my dear friend, MaddMaxx!!!

Release of Faceware Realtime - postponed indefinitely! And maybe it won't released!
MaddMaxx only managed to make a beta release of Faceware!
Perhaps it is working, perhaps not. It has not yet been fully tested!
I will test it and if it is a worker, I will provide it to everyone who helped us financially!

I understand if you want to get your money back!
But a huge request to understand the following - the refund will not be fully implemented!
You should understand that out of the total amount of $2760 collected (excluding transfer fees), $1490 was immediately spent on the purchase of the official Faceware Realtime!
Therefore, I can refund only half of what you contributed and this is most of what remains!
Offers for current VIP users - extension VIP status (until 09.09.2020).
If you wish to voluntarily refuse to refund, I will be grateful to you!
Write in the comments or in private messages if you want to return the money!
All return requests will be processed manually and upon receipt.

Please excuse me for not meeting your expectations!!!
I'm so sorry!!!

To copyright holders: The current post does NOT contain ANY materials that violate your rights! The materials that are available for download include only training video, tutorials and examples!

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 27 March 2020 08:04
Status: Offline
Comments: 13
R.I.P MaddMaxx!!!


 27 March 2020 08:06
Status: Offline
Comments: 8
Hi, I am very sorry to hear this sad news and hope you able to recover on a personal and professional level, my thoughts are with you.


 27 March 2020 08:16
Status: Offline
Comments: 20
OMG ! How he died ? I'm so sory for your sorrow and sorry for the community we lost a precious person.
Rest in peace...


 27 March 2020 08:16
Status: Offline
Comments: 21
I am very sorry for your loss. Please take the time to grieve. If there is anything I can do - or any members of the site for that matter, I'm sure we'd all be happy to help in any way we can. I'll be thinking of you and praying for you. With a sad heart, Cheryl


 27 March 2020 08:18
Status: Offline
Comments: 46
Désolé Zeus je suis vraiment navré d’apprendre cette nouvelle! toutes mes condoléances et ne désespère pas mon ami, il sera toujours présent dans cœurs et dans nos têtes..... Que Dieu veille sur lui et j'espère que la ou il est, il est heureux et veille sur toi et sur nous. Bon courage!!!!


 27 March 2020 08:46
Status: Offline
Comments: 7
This is my first comment in this community and it is really bad news to me.

I am so sorry for your great loss.



 27 March 2020 08:57
Status: Offline
Comments: 11
Rest in Peace

Really sorry for your loss


 27 March 2020 09:52
Status: Offline
Comments: 14
all my condolences ... and for the money it's really not important ... a lot of courage


 27 March 2020 09:59
Status: Offline
Comments: 16
Rest in Peace MaddMaxx!!!


 27 March 2020 10:11
Status: Offline
Comments: 12
I'm sad that MaddMaxx and gone rest in peace my friend I hope it's not due to the corona virus no me mr zeus I'll wait for the software


 27 March 2020 10:52
Status: Online
Comments: 10
For the money it's really not important,my condolences


 27 March 2020 11:01
Status: Offline
Comments: 7
My condolences, keep the money from me.


 27 March 2020 11:26
Status: Offline
Comments: 13
my condolences, RIP MaddMaxx


 27 March 2020 11:37
Status: Offline
Comments: 2
R.I.P. MaddMaxx


 27 March 2020 11:38
Status: Offline
Comments: 20
what a lost, my condolences, RIP MaddMaxx


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