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Azbus - Graphics and animations design studio
  Author: ZeuS, 15-05-2022, 15:15 | Views: 1 691 | Comments: 10
Modern City New

You get the complete scene set up ready to start animating. Buildings are all sub-props. Street decorations are several clusters of props merged... i.e. one street corner containing some benches, plants, etc. can be hidden with one click.
You also get the individual props for adding to the scene or creating your own arrangement. Can also be useful for other projects.
Pack includes: 43 Props

Tags: Props City Scenes

  Author: ZeuS, 13-05-2022, 13:13 | Views: 1 653 | Comments: 13
Dwarf Agvid Dwarf Bedvar Dwarf Broddi Dwarf King Dwarf Orme

This Pack contains Collection of Dwarfs Characters for iClone plus high quality Motions and different Props (Bottle, Cup, Forceps, Axes, Hammers, Blades, Stithy, Stump, Swords, Hobnail and others). The characters is provided as a non-standard human characters for iClone compatible with iClone standard human motions. The Characters also features spring bones for the beards and soft cloths.
Each Character uses high quality PBR shader maps and a very small polygon count providing excellent visual quality for close-up shots.
Pack includes: 5 Characters, 463 Motions, 23 Props

Tags: Characters Motions Props Fantasy Collection

  Author: ZeuS, 11-05-2022, 09:09 | Views: 1 555 | Comments: 13
3D Modern Interior Kit Vol.1

This package is intended for easy and fast construction of a 3D Modern Interior. Lights, furniture and props are all pre-positioned and can be moved around and/or saved as individual props and/or removed from the scene to leave room for proper camera take.
Each Prop is designed with the highest standards using a low polygon count, high resolution textures and PBR shader maps for maximum user experience.
Pack includes: 2 Props

Tags: Props Modern Interior

  Author: ZeuS, 11-05-2022, 07:07 | Views: 839 | Comments: 10
Abandoned Carnival

The Abandoned Carnival has been deserted for years. Here you have everything you need to set up an old abandoned carnival scene or apocalyptic set. It includes individual props with rusted and destroyed textures and 2 scene modules for quicker set up.
Scene Module 1 has the old rusted rides, game booths etc. laid out and Scene Module 2 is the trailer park grouping where the carnival workers would have stayed. Perhaps now, it could provide shelter for undesirable characters.
Just add terrain, plants & grass from your library.
Pack includes: 31 Props

Tags: Props Abandoned Horror

  Author: ZeuS, 19-04-2022, 04:04 | Views: 5 873 | Comments: 32
Total Materials Collection

Total Materials Collection contains HUGE individual Materials, comprising of over 5k+ individual, hand crafted texture maps and are all fully tiltable. Every Texture has its own unique Diffuse map, Bump map and Specular. This Collection also includes "Overlay Masks" which can be used over tiling textures to remove obvious repeated areas and make it possible for the texture to be used over larger areas.

Modified: ZeuS, 26-04-2022, 11:45

Tags: Materials Textures Collection

  Author: ZeuS, 10-04-2022, 11:11 | Views: 1 013 | Comments: 8
HQ Nuclear Bombshelter

HQ Nuclear Bombshelter - complete high quality modular level, included many different objects perfect for animations (openable doors, drawers, cases, etc). It is supplied as an iClone project with several camera placements and advanced lighting set up for best visual experience in iClone. All props are sub-props that can be moved/deleted to your liking.
- Included Complete Modular Level with Entrance
- Perfect for Animation (openable doors, drawers, cases etc.)
- PBR Setup.
- You also get all the single props for adding to the scene or for use in your own projects.
Pack includes: 40 Props

Tags: Props PBR War

  Author: ZeuS, 10-04-2022, 10:10 | Views: 1 262 | Comments: 14
HQ Furniture Pack

HQ Furniture Pack contains 39 models of furniture with high quality PBR textures.
All models have two different texture variations, new clean and old worn, some models have 3-4 texture variations.
Pack includes: 38 Props

Tags: Props PBR

  Author: ZeuS, 20-02-2022, 12:12 | Views: 3 360 | Comments: 13
Apocalyptic Environment

Pack includes multiple props to help you quickly set up a scene of ruins or apocalyptic/deserted area. Pack includes rubble, rock, vegetation, concrete wall and fences, playground pieces, statues and other assorted items to add to the apocalyptic atmosphere.
Also useful for decorating other similar sets that could benefit from more aged and ruined items to compliment the look.
Pack includes: 38 Props

Tags: Props Abandoned

  Author: ZeuS, 14-02-2022, 12:12 | Views: 1 745 | Comments: 16
HQ Modern Classic Interior

Highest quality modern classic interior pack including complete interior scene and about 50 different furniture models. This pack ready for interactions (openable doors, drawers, etc.).
- Included Complete Interior Scene Project (3 Different Rooms - Rooms can be used separately or together). Project comes set up with several cameras placed, along with advanced lighting for best visual experience.
- Props are sub-props that can be moved/deleted to your preference.
- About 50 Different Furniture Objects
- Perfect for Animation (openable doors, drawers, etc.)
- PBR Setup.
- You also get all the single props for adding to the scene or for use in your own projects.
Pack includes: 2 Projects, 42 Props, 1 HDRI Map
Note: To use camera zoom, pan or orbit keys, first change camera to "Preview".

Tags: Props Projects Modern Home

  Author: ZeuS, 9-02-2022, 14:14 | Views: 1 260 | Comments: 16
City Elements - Chinese Riverside Town

This pack contains a wide variety of unique content items that allow you to construct your very own ancient Chinese village. The design of this pack is taken from the towns in Jiangnan, China, which is renowned for its astonishing scenery and exquisite traditional buildings. A collection of ground system props allow you to assemble your own custom base.
The Chinese Riverside Town pack also includes a variety of unique buildings like a bungalow house, a monument, and even a restaurant with multiple customizable levels! Furthermore, we have included the doors and objects of some buildings and all the carts as separate sub-props, so users can move, rotate, show, or hide the related objects according to their filming needs.
Pack includes: 62 Props, 1 Grass, 1 Face

Tags: Props City Elements

  Author: ZeuS, 9-02-2022, 12:12 | Views: 1 165 | Comments: 12
Abandoned Garden

Once beautiful and full of robust greenery, this garden paradise has sadly been abandoned and neglected. Great for horror or mysterious stories with many different greenhouses, paths and props.
It comes supplied as multiple scene parts, including the terrain and as each is loaded to the stage, will form a full scene as shown in promos.
Also supplied are all the single props adding to this scene or for use in your own projects.
Pack includes: 145 Props

Tags: Props Abandoned

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