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 Complaint  Author: ZeuS, 27-03-2020, 03:03 | Views: 6 578 | Comments: 228

I regret to inform you that on 25 March 2020, my best friend and partner MaddMaxx died!
It's very hard! I have no words!
There were a lot of plans and projects for the future!
I am broken and do not know what to do!
He did a lot for all of us!
R.I.P my dear friend, MaddMaxx!!!

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 27 March 2020 18:59
Status: Offline
Comments: 29
I am really sorry to hear this. This is a great blow to the community. My thoughts are with you this period. May his soul rest in peace. If you cannot release it do not bother. I do not want my contribution back. I am contributing it to the community for it to run


 27 March 2020 19:52
Status: Offline
Comments: 68
My deepest condolences brother.
You have made a great effort to help us get all of Reallusion's Product.
Personally I don't want a refund.
RIP MadMaxx. 😇


 27 March 2020 19:56
Comments: 0
RIP MaddMax and thx for all the good stuff my condolences


 27 March 2020 20:20
Status: Offline
Comments: 4
I'm so sorry to hear this news. I don't need the money back. Sorry again for your loss.


 27 March 2020 20:45
Status: Offline
Comments: 7
oh no............


 27 March 2020 20:45
Status: Offline
Comments: 4
Прими соболезнования, друзей терять всегда горько


 27 March 2020 21:46
Status: Offline
Comments: 297
R.I.P. MaddMaxx. My condolences. You'll be missed, my dear friend.


 27 March 2020 21:51
Status: Offline
Comments: 46
Condolences RIP MaddMaxx - Keep my contributions, maybe it will help revive your zest to continue in the future.


 27 March 2020 22:14
Status: Offline
Comments: 188
what a lost, my condolences, RIP MaddMaxx


 27 March 2020 22:33
Status: Offline
Comments: 10
Rest in Peace MaddMaxx!!!


 27 March 2020 22:48
polkonopek 8
Status: Offline
Comments: 175
Přijmi prosím moji upřímnou soustrast!Myslím,že řešit teď nějaké peníze není na místě.Díky za vše MaddMaxx!!!Vzpomenu na tebe!!!Je to velká ztráta.Byl jsi nejlepší!!!


 27 March 2020 22:48
Status: Offline
Comments: 100
I found out the thing firstly since I begin the day with it in the morning quasi, that onto BUHTA website I come up. I saw what ZEUS wrote then! I read the news so much astonished! Well very much wears down. ZEUS and all of MADDMAXX work are distinguished! MADDMAXX will be missing very much!
I'm so sorry! You will be MADDMAXX between us eternally. BUHTA family your family is left over! We love! I'm so sorry! Everybody will miss you!


 27 March 2020 22:50
Comments: 0
OMG!!!! this is a big wound but please know that you have my deepest condolences. please do take care of yourself. RIP MaddMaxxCondolence


 27 March 2020 23:13
Status: Offline
Comments: 44
R.I.P MaddMaxx!!!


 27 March 2020 23:55
Status: Offline
Comments: 115
Wie traurig. R.I.P. MaddMaxx


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