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Azbus - Graphics and animations design studio
  Author: ZeuS, 14-05-2015, 06:06 | Views: 12 126 | Comments: 31

Description: This pack includes 6 new G5 Native Multi-Layer Cloths specially designed for making Old West Cowboy type characters plus 13 fully textured characters representing Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, 2 x Mexicans, the Daltons, a Mountain Man and a generic Cowboy. All accessories included.
Pack includes: 19 Characters

Modified: ZeuS, 14-06-2020, 19:22

Tags: Characters Western Clothes Combo Marvelous

  Author: ZeuS, 26-03-2015, 03:03 | Views: 12 048 | Comments: 50
iClone Character Pack - G5 Cloth Marvelous Winter Suit

Description: This pack includes a G5 Native Multi-Layer Marvelous Winter Suit Cloth plus an incredible set of 6 fully detailed characters. Heads, Hair, Boots and accessories included.
The Cloth includes a triple layer Whole set Upper (Skin, Jacket and Scarf plus a triple layer Lower (Skin, Pants and Belt).
Pack includes: 7 Charaters

Tags: Winter Characters Clothes Marvelous

  Author: ZeuS, 4-12-2014, 04:04 | Views: 11 839 | Comments: 52

Description: This pack includes 3 new G5 Native Multi-Layer Cloths specially designed for making Inuit (Eskimo) type characters (Adult Male, Adult Female and Children) plus 6 beautifully textured characters. The Cloths in this Pack include all you need to dress up a complete Inuit Family including winter coats, pants, Mittens and warm boots. These Marvelous Designer Cloths are true native G5 Cloths fully compatible with Reallusion's G5 Standard Characters., i.e. you can use all other standard G5 accessories, shoes, hands and heads on these character. Also includes a Fabulous iGloo !
Pack includes: 9 Characters, 1 Prop

Modified: ZeuS, 28-12-2021, 13:07

Tags: Characters Props Clothes Combo Marvelous Winter

  Author: ZeuS, 2-11-2014, 11:11 | Views: 11 552 | Comments: 34

Description: The Characters in this new original Cloth Line uses highly detailed Cloth meshes designed by a fashion artist using Marvelous Designer advanced fashion design tools and rigged to perfection for iClone standard characters.
This pack includes 3 new Dress Cloths for Olga; a new exclusive Character specially designed to be Wanda's new friend in the neighborhood plus an incredible set of 15 fully detailed characters. Shoes, Hats and accessories included.
Note: ALL these cloths parts can be used on Wanda but for best result, simply put Wanda's Head on Olga's body and the skin tones will adjust automatically to Wanda's skin tone.
Pack includes: 18 Characters

Modified: ZeuS, 31-05-2020, 16:49

Tags: Characters Clothes Marvelous

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