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   Author: ZeuS, 8-08-2016, 08:08 | Views: 8 281 | Comments: 45
iClone Combo Pack - DAZ Genesis Aiko 5 PRO Bundle

Description: Aiko 5 is one of the most popular Genesis family of DAZ3D. This beautiful character was expertly designed and crafted by DAZ’s top artists. Her realistic features allow her to fit into any render, but her personality and style make her perfect for anime inspired scenes and more.
All characters in this pack are iClone facial and body ready non-standard human characters which allow you to use both body and facial editing tools in iClone. You can apply any iClone human motion and facial puppet these characters to your liking.
Pack includes:
iClone Format: 4 Characters (Aiko 5, Pale Shadow, Rave Girl, Sci-Fi Candy), 15 Motions (Poses), 6 Accessories
DAZ Format: Aiko 5, Osaka Hair, Pure Hair: Timeless, Rave Girl for Aiko 5, Azumi for Aiko, Forever Fantasy Poses, Bow Dress and Boots, Momotsuki (Pink Moon) Hair, Pure Hair: Sweet, Pale Shadows, Making Faces for Aiko 5, Fantasy Poses for Aiko 5, Tsukiko for Aiko 5, SciFi Candy.

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 8 August 2016 19:40
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Brillaint!! Thanks Mate!


 8 August 2016 19:58
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Спасибо, Зевс smile


 8 August 2016 22:50
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Thank you very much, ZeuS.


 8 August 2016 23:07
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thanks. nice work.Zeus


 8 August 2016 23:59
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super..thank you so much


 9 August 2016 00:30
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Thank you very much Mr ZeuS


 9 August 2016 00:41
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Beautiful!!!! Thanks!!!


 9 August 2016 05:52
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Awesome! Thanks


 9 August 2016 09:17
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Thank you very much wink


 9 August 2016 10:09
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Thank You!!! :D


 9 August 2016 11:07
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Muchas gracias por la aportaci?n.

Saludos desde Sevilla-Espa?a.


 9 August 2016 12:13
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Спасибо Вам! winked


 9 August 2016 14:25
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Thank you so much!


 9 August 2016 15:24
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Thank you vres much dear mr.zeus


 9 August 2016 15:36
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Thank you Dear Friend Zeus! wink



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