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In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how easy it is to customize and animate a 2D character in CTA3.1 Pipeline version. After 6 sprite-based body parts – head, torso, legs and arms are created, you then used the CTA3 PSD template for structural instructions on how to create an instantly animatable PSD character. In order to animate your PSD character, you need to watch out for the pivot point alignments and layer orders. If you follow the tutorial, and the PSD template then this will help you easily setup the G3 character bone structure for animation.
Note: You need CrazyTalk Animator 3.1 Pipeline version for this

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 7 December 2017 10:39
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Interest video. Thanks


 15 November 2018 14:31
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You can download the sample project files from here: http://file.reallusion.com/cta/CTA_G3_Pipeline_PSD_Template_Sample_Project.zip


 15 April 2019 04:38
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is it pipeline version?


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