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 Complaint  Author: ZeuS, 27-12-2021, 09:09 | Views: 800 | Comments: 4

Dear friends! I would like to share with you some updates on the site:

- Redesign download buttons. More stylish and informative.
- Fixed errors in the markup of the site, now the site is fully verify validator.w3.org
- The website template has been updated: errors found have been fixed, the appearance and usability have been improved.
- In each post there is an opportunity to share on social networks! Use it - it will help promote the site!
- Each of your clicks on advertising helps the site financially! It's not difficult for you to click the mouse a couple of extra times, is it?
- Do you have your own YouTube channel and use my releases and/or content? Don't be lazy to mention the Buhta.WS in the description of the video, I will be pleased!
- Did you like the post? Do not forget to rate it (left-below in every post)!
- Русскоговорящим пользователям напоминаю - вы можете переключить язык интерфейса сайта на русский, кликнув на иконку Российского флага в разделе "Language | Язык" (в левой колонке сайта). Язык новостей при этом, останется на английском - поскольку, все таки, большинство пользователей именно англоговорящие. Но тут не должно (я надеюсь) возникнуть сложностей с пониманием публикаций, да и переводчики никто не отменял...

And I will be grateful for your feedback in the comments...

To copyright holders: This post does NOT contain ANY materials that violate your rights! The materials that are available for download include only training video, tutorials and examples!

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Votes: 4

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 29 December 2021 06:24
Status: Offline
Comments: 10

Thanks a lot ! I will do my best to promote and help this website anyway I can ! This is the best website I have ever seen which is giving most of the iclone stuffs for free !

Hello Admin ! I have experienced some problems in your website ! Clicking on Ads redirects to this websites home page instead of going to advertiser's website !


 29 December 2021 16:12
Comments: 0

Thanks to ZeuS (and your friend) we are able to do some great stuff.

Our next movie created in Iclone 7 is finally done:


Hope you like it.

(If I'm not allowed to post it here please let me know)

And yes, I will click on your ads like there is no tomorrow 😊


Best regards



 5 January 2022 22:44
Comments: 0

Зевс, все клево! Спасибо огромное за твой труд! Обязательно упомянем, будь споки!


 6 January 2022 14:14
Status: Offline
Comments: 6

Thanks a lot


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