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  Author: ZeuS, 18-07-2021, 12:12 | Views: 2 924 | Comments: 17
Displacement Power Tools

Displacement Building Elements
Modular building elements provide you with the flexibility to easily assemble your own completely unique building designs. Included in this pack are various building elements from 3 specialized and universal architectural styles. Mix and match the separate styles into your own eclectic designs, and combine diverse texture and displacement maps for your own individual surface appearance and shapes.
Displacement Learning Resources
3 major real-time tessellation content design pipelines are included in this learning pack. You will have access to a detailed and comprehensive whitepaper, design sample resources, a full collection of texture maps, as well as video tutorials to guide you along the way.
Project Trenton (Bonus)
Trenton the Terrible wields glorious armor that is truly worthy of a ruthless barbarian warlord. The hand-carved details of his garb can only be used in a real-time environment through the magic of tessellation!
This is a rare chance to take an in-depth look at a fully-rigged model that uses DirectX 11 tessellation. Trenton is an iconic iClone character, representing the unique and powerful new DirectX 11 features for iClone.

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