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  Author: ZeuS, 10-10-2015, 01:01 | Views: 22 885 | Comments: 57

iClone Props Pack - Movie Sets Vol.1

Description: This pack includes six scenes often used in movies and television series: Airplane Cockpit, Airplane Cabin, Subway Cabin, Train Cabin, Skyway and Metro Station. Subway Cabin and Train Cabin contains animations of doors opening and closing. There is also a moving belt animation for the Moving Walkway.
Pack includes: 6 Projects, 26 Props

iClone Props Pack - Movie Sets Vol.2

Description: This pack offers 4 locations commonly seen in movies: Restaurant, Gas station, Coffee Shop, and Bar. It is very easy to use. You can move and delete the wall that you don't need and set the camera Wherever you want to. It will like shooting a scene in the studio!
Pack includes: 4 Projects, 48 Props

iClone Props Pack - Movie Sets Vol.3

Description: This pack offers four types of constructable objects: Rooftop, Hallway, Tunnel and Elevator. We provide Floors with Dummy and different walls so you can make variety of scene combinations. There are also many common objects that you can use in the scene that you constructed. These object includes fire escape, Garbage bin, surveillance camera, and more. With Movie Set Vol.3, you can build your own movie scene in the matter of minutes!
Pack includes: Hallway prop X 54, Tunnel prop X 45, Rooftop prop X 13, Elevator prop X 11, Other prop X 34

iClone Props Pack - Movie Sets Vol.4

Description: This pack provides various objects such as destroyed columns, polluted water, rusted cans, crushed bottles, abandoned vehicles, broken down appliances, and etc. Assemble these doomsday elements to build up after-disaster or postwar movie sets.
Pack includes: 38 Props

Tags: Projects Props Movie Collection

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