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Azbus - Graphics and animations design studio
  Author: ZeuS, 22-04-2023, 12:12 | Views: 1 854 | Comments: 9
The Temple

Design your ultimate Temple or Sacred Meeting place with this high quality building set. It includes everything you need for creating a retreat with an air of mysticism or religious feel.
Included are two fully assembled Scene Modules, all with sub-props for easy manipulation of each item in the sub-set. The walls and floors are all separate and each wall and floor has it's own set of sub-props for tiling, or moving around for filming. There are 3 gates that can be opened and closed on the timeline.
Additionally, you get all props supplied individually. Individual lanterns have attached fire particle that can be turned on and off in the modify panel.
Pack includes: 37 Props

Tags: Props Temple

  Author: ZeuS, 10-08-2022, 17:17 | Views: 2 138 | Comments: 11
Ancient Temple

"Ancient Temple" is a set of 72 Unique Props. In addition, there are two separate furnished rooms supplied with props in position for easy and quick scene setup. Please note these rooms have the props merged so you can't move them around, but all items in the room are also supplied individually, so if you want to move the prop, simply hide it with the opacity slider and add the prop you want to re-position.
Pack includes: 74 Props

Tags: Props Temple

  Author: ZeuS, 21-06-2022, 16:16 | Views: 1 913 | Comments: 9
Temple of the Pharoah

This is a complete Scene of Temple of the Pharoah with all items supplied as sub-props for easily moving around or deleting. Some items are attached to walls allowing for easy hiding to accomodate film angles.
Doors can be animated on the timeline. Fire bowls have a torch particle attached for flame - this can be turned on and off in the Modify Panel.
In addition, you get all props supplied as singles for adding to your scene or using for your own set-ups.
Pack includes: 24 Props

Tags: Props Egypt Scenes Temple

  Author: ZeuS, 20-10-2021, 10:10 | Views: 2 029 | Comments: 9
Egyptian Worldbuilder Pack

This beautiful Egyptian World Builder Pack gives you everything to make a realistic Egyptian Temple Environment. Lots of research went into this pack, and we didn't simply want to recreate current Egyptian ruins, but to actually make the Temple as it 'may' have appeared in the Egyptian era.
This pack includes 38 Props including a Pre Assemble Temple, Temple Rooms, Pharaoh Statues, Ram Sphynx, Obelisks, various Housing and Temple Sub-Assemblies.
Pack includes: 38 Props

Tags: Props Worldbuilder Egypt Temple

  Author: ZeuS, 26-09-2021, 09:09 | Views: 2 646 | Comments: 17
EZ Sets The Mystic Temples

This Pack includes a Modular Kit for creating a complete temple environment, including temples, ruins, rocks and vegetation and 6 Pre-Assembled Scene Modules you can use separately or assemble together into a larger scene.
The modular Kit includes:
- 4 Pre-Assembled scene modules
- 33 Tropical Plants
- 4 Rails
- 16 Rocks & Stones
- 19 Ruined Parts
- 11 Stone Plates
- 6 Temples
- 6 Tropical Trees
- 4 Walls With Stairs
- 11 Wall Pieces
- 6 Miscellaneous Props
The Assemblies and Props can be used individually or as a group making it extremely easy for you to further customize the Scene.
The Mystic Temples is the perfect environment for Indiana Jones adventure Movies.
Pack includes: 120 Props

Tags: Props EZ Sets Temple

  Author: ZeuS, 2-05-2020, 12:12 | Views: 3 678 | Comments: 22

Description: Here you can find constructor which include as simple elements of desert temple, as pregathered elements. Also here you can find already pregathered temple.
Pack includes: 116 Props, 12 Materials

Tags: Props Materials Desert Temple

  Author: ZeuS, 24-07-2018, 12:12 | Views: 5 737 | Comments: 45

Description: Welcome to the Lexira Temple, Zhovo Plains and Dermina Forest. Just drop in your characters and animate your story. The lighting is all done for you including HDRI settings, Tone Maps, GI and directional lights. This scenes has game-ready low-poly props with hi-res textures and a beautiful 2D background image. You can move or add any of the props to your own library for use in other projects.
Pack includes: 3 Projects

Tags: Projects Scenes Sci-Fi Temple

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