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  Author: MaddMaxx, 15-10-2017, 15:15 | Views: 2 270 | Comments: 18
Shade3D v16E PRO

Shade3D is a comprehensive 3D graphics suite for designers, illustrators and architects, offering a highly competitive and rich tool set available at a low price.
From hobbyists to professionals, Shade3D is present in a wide range of activities: Automotive Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Advertising Illustrations, Video Games and more. Totally compatible with most of the 3D Printing formats, Shade3D steps into the future allowing its users to see their creations in the real world, corrected and fixed by its optimized 3D Printing Assistant.
  Author: ZeuS, 13-10-2017, 11:11 | Views: 4 344 | Comments: 41
Doomsday Bundle

Description: Everything you need to create a dark apocolyptic or abandoned environment, all with PBR texturing for more realism and to fully utilize the features of iClone 7. All props include high quality Normal, Roughness, Metallic, and AO maps.
Pack includes: 99 Props (Classic Cars, Scrap Cars, Debris Furniture and Debris Outdoor)
  Author: ZeuS, 5-10-2017, 15:15 | Views: 2 609 | Comments: 25
Street Fashion Base Clothing

Description: This professional content pack is licensed from the famous Marvelous Designer tutor CGElves. This Collection is curated to include 12 sophisticated clothes designed with the significant features:
- Enhanced details
- Soft-cloth physics enabled
- Morph compatible
Pack includes: 55 Cloths (Bases and Presets): 12 x CC Cloth Bases + 36 x Presets (CC Cloth) + 7 x BONUS Presets (CC Cloth)
  Author: ZeuS, 3-10-2017, 10:10 | Views: 2 783 | Comments: 25
Indigo Render Plug-in for iClone 7

A photo-realistic, cinematic look and feel in iClone's 3D rendering software is now a reality with this iClone Indigo Render Plug-in. Utilize GPU accelerated raytracing render capabilities in Indigo RT, to have your characters, props, and scenes now look completely different than before. To streamline this unique workflow, Reallusion provides automatic shader mapping between iClone and Indigo. In addition, users can perform custom refinement using Indigo's unique shader options, or download Indigo's material library to achieve even better results. Skylight and emissive material settings ensure correct global illumination, and allow for realistic light behavior via reflection, refraction, transmittance, and caustic effects. Furthermore, the physical camera DOF and tone mapping system can be combined with excellent lighting and materials to create vivid and astounding story visuals like never before!
  Author: ZeuS, 2-10-2017, 03:03 | Views: 2 437 | Comments: 2
Okino Computer Graphics Products - PolyTrans & NuGrafOkino Computer Graphics Products - PolyTrans & NuGraf

PolyTrans|CAD+DCC is the leading industry standard for comprehensive visualization and data translation of all 3D CAD/CAM, VisSim and Digital Content Creation data. With its support of virtually every 2D and 3D file format you will need no other tool to visualize 3D models and translate them to your format of choice. With a user base of the entire 3D industry, and being in use constantly by 3D professionals like yourself, PolyTrans works 'out of the box' in the most complex and demanding of situations - it simply works!
NuGraf is a fast, powerful and comprehensive 3D CAD/DCC/VisSim data translation, optimization, and comprehensive 3D rendering + scene composition program for Microsoft Windows. It is used throughout the world by every top named company in mission and production critical environments.
  Author: ZeuS, 2-10-2017, 02:02 | Views: 5 203 | Comments: 14
Toon Boom Animation Products - Harmony Premium & Storyboard Pro Toon Boom Animation Products - Harmony Premium & Storyboard Pro

Harmony Premium - the most powerful software ever created for animation production. Used by top studios all over the world, Harmony lets you work fast and animate in any style. Harmony has all the tools you need for traditional paperless, cut-out and hybrid animation productions.
Storyboard Pro - drawing and animation tools with camera controls. Develop the story with total artistic control. Whatever your role, Storyboard Pro lets you communicate the story effectively so that others on your team instantly understand.
  Author: ZeuS, 23-09-2017, 13:13 | Views: 6 553 | Comments: 55
Harvey Bundle Harvey Bundle Harvey Bundle Harvey Bundle Harvey Bundle Harvey Bundle

Description: Harvey is here!
With over 60 mouth sprites (30 dedicated speech sprites), Harvey has been designed to be the perfect spokesman for your next promotion or tutorial and can help you sell your product or get your message across to your audience.
Want to give Harvey a unique look? Need to create a specific Harvey hairstyle for your next project? Here are 18 (17 new plus the original) hairstyles ready to apply to Harvey to create all new looks.
Want to increase Harveys wardrobe? Need to create a specific look for your next project? Here are 31 hats ready to apply to Harvey to create all new looks. Also includes Harveys side hair and left ear as individual props for correct layering.
Meet Old Harvey. He likes to say things like "Back in my day....." and "Get off my lawn". He's angry, but he's lovable. Old Harvey is a complete character with multiple hand sprites, props and over 60 mouth sprites (30 dedicated speech sprites). You can swap Old Harveys body parts with other Harvey characters and sets to create a wider range of characters.
Harvey hasn't been feeling well, and when you see these great new medical related eyes sprites and first aid props, you'll understand why.
Whether super spy or super villain, Harvey has every gadget he needs for his next mission right at his fingertips.
Pack includes: 2 Characters, 9 Body Parts, 32 Head Parts, 79 Prop
  Author: ZeuS, 23-09-2017, 09:09 | Views: 7 730 | Comments: 64
Dress Alternatives Bundle Dress Alternatives Bundle

Description: If you're looking for sensational styles for your G6 Mason and Heidi, look no further! Get inspired by the sweet selection of funky and fashionable styles from this character clothing craftsman!
Heidi's outfits range from innocent-looking girl-next-door to gothic temptress, while this collection has Mason rocking some stylish threads while still keeping it cool and casual.
Whether you need an outfit for work, a stroll in the park, or a night out on the town, this fabulous collection has it all! Dress up your G6 characters in some of the hottest styles!
Pack includes: 20 Characters (10 Outfits for G6 Mason + 10 Outfits for G6 Heidi)
  Author: ZeuS, 22-09-2017, 10:10 | Views: 2 530 | Comments: 20
Hottest Hairstyles

Description: This is no ordinary hairstyle collection! This fabulous pack includes 7 gorgeous hairstyles and 10 elegant physics-ready accessories that really demonstrate the fantastic level of flowing hair available in iClone 6.
The hair sets and accessories are all in iAccessory format, so you can apply them to both iClone and Daz characters. If you think those hairstyles are too conservative, feel free to change the hair color and accessories to create more styles for your characters.
Try using these physics-ready hairstyles and accessories together with our new motions such as "Suave & Charming" or any other motion pack on your characters to see the revolutionary improvement of 3D animation.
Pack includes: 17 Accessories (10 x Accessories + 7 x Physics Hairs)


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