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Azbus - Graphics and animations design studio
  Author: ZeuS, 13-01-2023, 13:13 | Views: 1 671 | Comments: 7
Abandoned Industrial District

This is a large abandoned industrial scene in post-apocalyptic style, which consists of 5 different furnished factories, a custom terrain, trees, fencing, towers and extensive factory items of old machines, tanks and debris. It is all textured with PBR texturing except the walls of the buildings.
PBR textures are high quality Base Colour, Normal, Roughness and Metallic.
Pack includes: 81 Props

Tags: Props Abandoned Industrial

  Author: ZeuS, 25-10-2020, 10:10 | Views: 3 066 | Comments: 31

Here you can find set of abandoned industrial machines, two elevators and small details.
Pack includes: 65 Props

Tags: Props Industrial Abandoned

  Author: ZeuS, 29-09-2019, 09:09 | Views: 6 416 | Comments: 36

Description: Highest quality complete industrial scene with modular building and hangar + many different high quality props.
- About 100 objects
- Modular Building
- Modular Hangar
- Ready for animation (openable doors, gates, etc.)
- Hight Quality PBR Textures.
- Included prebuilt exterior industrial scene
- Prebuilt building with interior and hangar that you can just drug n drop to any of your scenes.
- You also get all the single props for adding to the scene or for use in your own projects.
Pack includes: 1 Project, 97 Props

Tags: Projects Props Industrial

  Author: ZeuS, 4-09-2018, 09:09 | Views: 7 027 | Comments: 41

Description: This is a Modular Environment Pack that contains Steampunk Style urban and industrial elements to customize your Scene plus 6 Pre-Assembled Modules you can use separately or assemble together into a larger scene.
The modular Kit includes: 1 Terrain, 6 Scene Modules, 4 Background Objects, 4 Piece Boiler Kit, 50 Building Parts, 13 Buildings, 30 Decals, 6 Piece Ground System, 55 Outdoor Props, 33 Roof Props
Pack includes: 201 Props, 1 Terrain

Tags: Props Terrains Industrial EZ Sets

  Author: ZeuS, 28-01-2017, 11:11 | Views: 2 613 | Comments: 10

Description: The modern industrial zone: a place where the blue collar workers get their hands dirty and scent of fumes and sweat fills the air. Create a realistic industrial scene with this content pack, containing a variety of warehouses, factories and other related props with detail diffuse and normal maps that all fits together seamlessly.
The simple and easy to use modular design allows the creation of endless variety of environments. With this packs, you will have all the props at your disposal to create a modern industrial wonderland.
Pack includes: 206 Props

Tags: Props COMBO Industrial

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