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  Author: ZeuS, 17-06-2022, 06:06 | Views: 3 072 | Comments: 12
Chuck & The Neighbors

Chuck and Gwynn are now joined by four more characters: Bernard, Mario, Matilda and Wanda. Each with their own unique personality and style. This Combo pack includes all 6 of these memorable characters as well as 6 complete Natural Base models (Nude), including the original Chuck and Gwynn.
This is one pack that you won't want to miss, so join the family, and add some color to your next project!
Pack includes: 6 Characters, 6 Natural Base Characters (Nude), 102 Motions, 6 Persona

Tags: Characters Motions Nude

  Author: ZeuS, 9-11-2015, 11:11 | Views: 1 008 | Comments: 12

Description: This pack includes Natural Human extensions for the standard G6 Mason and Heidi Characters specially designed for the intimate scenes in your movies. The characters included in this Pack are G6 Standard Characters.
The extended Chuck character includes a Spring Loaded Male Organ with 6 Embedded Animations (Erection_Large_ON, Erection_Large_OFF, Urinate_ON, Urinate_OFF, Erection_Small_ON and Erection_Small_OFF).
A Must Have for your Intimate Scenes...
Pack includes: 2 Characters (nudes with genitals)
Note: 18+ CONTENT

Tags: Nude Characters

  Author: ZeuS, 10-10-2015, 10:10 | Views: 20 669 | Comments: 60

Description: These characters are Non-Standard Character which means you cannot exchange the head, torso, hands and feet with other G5 body part however, they are fully compatible with iClone standard human motions, puppeteering techniques and facial animation. They also include a complete facial profile with visemes so that you can use text to speech, imported recordings or Crazytalk Scripts (.CTS) to animate the mouth. Furthermore, Natural Human Base characters are compatible with Make Human Texture maps for which there is a growing range of high resolution quality skin textures.
Pack includes: 12 Characters
Note: 18+ Content

Tags: Characters Nude

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