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    iCLONE PACKS iClone Props Pack - Middle East Worldbuilder Pack
       Author: ZeuS, 26-04-2013, 20:20 | Views: 3536 | Comments: 33
    iClone Props Pack - Middle East Worldbuilder Pack
    iClone Props Pack - Middle East Worldbuilder Pack

    Description: The pack contains a set beautifully crafted mosques, town houses, market stalls, majestic buildings and props.
    The pack contains 22 buildings, 4 market tents, a wall system consisting of 2 bases, 1 tower and 5 walls, foliage including 4 palm trees, 1 cypress, 1 plant and a Palm stone base, an assortment of 7 boxed fruit & vegetables, 6 grain sack, 3 amphora, a bread basket, a bread and a table.
    Pack includes: 60 Props (22 buildings, 4 market tents, 2 bases, 1 tower, 5 walls, 6 foliages, 1 palm stone base, 7 boxed fruit & vegetables, 12 props)

    iCLONE PACKS Rock Band Total Concert Collection
       Author: ZeuS, 23-04-2013, 12:12 | Views: 5006 | Comments: 57
    Rock Band Total Concert Collection
    Rock Band Total Concert Collection

    Pack includes:
    iClone Combo Pack - Rock Band - The Band Set: 4 Characters, 3 Hair Styles, 11 Accessories, 21 iAnimations, 27 Props, 33 Motions, 9 Hand Gestures
    iClone Combo Pack - Rock Band - Additional Style: 5 Hair Styles, 12 Texture Materials
    iClone Motion Pack - Rock Band - Rock Performances: 60 Motions, 1 Prop

    iCLONE PACKS iClone Motion Pack - Charming Girl Persona Behavior
       Author: ZeuS, 18-04-2013, 13:13 | Views: 4504 | Comments: 32
    iClone Motion Pack - Charming Girl Persona Behavior
    iClone Motion Pack - Charming Girl Persona Behavior

    Description: Charming Girl Persona Behavior Motion Pack provides daily perform motions of Teenage Girls. These motions include reading, talking on the phone, showering, and doing yoga.
    Pack includes: 2 Characters, 43 Motions

    iCLONE PACKS Street Dance Collection
       Author: ZeuS, 11-04-2013, 17:17 | Views: 5842 | Comments: 54
    Street Dance Collection
    Street Dance Collection

    Street Dance Girl Style: The Girl Style motion pack contains Waacking, Voguing and New Jazz Styles that are integrated from modern house dance and a styles performed primarily to disco or funky music. You can see these styles in the videos of mainstream artists such as Madonna and Christina Aguilera.
    Street Dance Hip Hop: Hip Hop dance is one of the most universal styles in dance today, and has evolved over the years to incorporate a number of different styles to keep it one of the freshest dance genres out there! it is often freestyle in nature and hip-hop dance crews often engage in freestyle dance competitions. The motion pack includes lyrical Hip Hop routines and basic moves such as Body Waves, C Walk, Cat Daddy, Dougie, The Jerk, Up and Down and so on, which will allow you to mix-and-match movements with plenty of flexibility!
    Street Dance Locking: Locking means freezing from a fast movement and "locking" in a certain position, holding that position for a short while and then continuing in the same speed as before. The movements were originally danced to funk music and create large and are generally large and exaggerated, and often very rhythmic and tightly synced with the music. This pack will provide your dancers with the ability to do Brotherhood, Scoo B Doo, Skeeter Rabbit, Rock Steady and many more motions, and you can mix these up with a huge amount of flexibility! If you want to see some examples of Locking, have a look at Usher and Janet Jackson's moves!
    Street Dance Popping: Popping is one of the street dance styles that based on the quick muscle contraction techniques to blend into various poses and it’s often integrated with Robot, Waving and Tutting.
    All of the motions were captured from professional dancers using expertly choreographed dance moves. The motions can be combined in a variety of ways for maximum flexibility!
    Pack includes: 84 Motions

    iCLONE PACKS iClone Props Pack - Stage Magician
       Author: ZeuS, 8-04-2013, 17:17 | Views: 3627 | Comments: 29
    iClone Props Pack - Stage Magician
    iClone Props Pack - Stage Magician

    Description: Other than a 3D stage and some common light props on the stage, the most important props in this pack are the dynamic geometric figures that go with the newest 3D interactive technology of iClone3. These figures include flat pattern that can be used as floors or walls, and cuboid or cylinders that can be either interior lightings or artistic decorations. You can apply the texture that we offer, or design your own texture to make a unique style. Using the elements of this pack and a little creativity, you can create unique fantasy stages or even sci-fi style dimensions.
    Pack includes: 2 Projects, 1 DramaScript, 25 Textures, 51 Props (Planes, Cuboids, Cylinders...)

    iCLONE PACKS iClone Plug-in Pack - Monster Workshop COMBO
       Author: ZeuS, 8-04-2013, 15:15 | Views: 6819 | Comments: 44
    iClone Plug-in Pack - Monster Workshop COMBO
    iClone Plug-in Pack - Monster Workshop COMBO

    Description: Monster Workshop Vol.1 is a revolutionary 3D character content pack designed to work with Avatar Toolkit Plug-in, which you can puppet and animate your own custom creatures using the super easy Avatar Toolkit user interface. This pack contains dozens of animation-ready creature components along with more than 200 materials that perfectly match any Toon Avatar base. Create unlimited varieties of monster characters by combining monster eyes, eyebrows, ears, tails and fins. Apply iMotion clips to them or use iClone's animation tools to drive their body movement and bring them to life.
    Pack includes:
    iClone Plug-in Pack - Monster Workshop Vol.1: Characters (Monster Bases) x 3 (Indigo, Peach, Groucho), Puppeteer Parts x 25 (Eyes, Eyestalk, Eyebrows, Ears, Fins, Wing, Horns and Tails), Spring Parts x 20 (Hair, Ears, Fins, Horns, Tails and Wings), Character Accessories x 14, Props x 11, Shoes x 2, Materials x 231
    iClone Bonus Character Pack - Menacing Orc: 1 Character (Menacing Orc)
    iClone Bonus Pack - Monster Workshop Vol.1: 3 Profiles (NEW)
    iClone Motion Pack - Monster Motion Vol.1: 47 Motions
    iClone Motion Pack - Monster Motion Vol.2: 69 Motions (NEW)
    iClone Bonus Motion Pack - Monster Motion Bonus: 16 Motions (NEW)

    iCLONE PACKS The Neighbors (MEGAPACK)
       Author: ZeuS, 9-03-2013, 20:20 | Views: 19260 | Comments: 65
    The Neighbors (MEGAPACK)
    The Neighbors (MEGAPACK)

    Pack includes: 12 Characters (6 Natural Base), 73 Motions, 80 Materials Lib, 40 Accessories, 6 Persona

    iCLONE PACKS iClone Props Pack - Wild West Worldbuilder Movie Set
       Author: ZeuS, 3-03-2013, 15:15 | Views: 14455 | Comments: 28
    iClone Props Pack - Wild West Worldbuilder Movie Set
    iClone Props Pack - Wild West Worldbuilder Movie Set

    Description: The Pack includes all you need to build a complete Western Village including a superb High Resolution Terrain plus 11 Structures (Bank, Coffee Shop, 2 Saloons, General Store, Hotel, Jail, Post Office, Small House, Watermill, Water Tank), 4 Cactuses, 2 types of Barrels, a Ladder, a log Pile and a Cart Wheel. All Doors are separate props attached to the structure so that you can open and close them. The Watermill is built from 3 separate props whereby the motor shaft and Wind Wheel can be animated.
    Pack includes: 20 Props, 1 Terrain

    iCLONE PACKS iClone Character Pack - Shoulder Fest
       Author: ZeuS, 1-03-2013, 21:21 | Views: 10066 | Comments: 26
    iClone Character Pack - Shoulder Fest
    iClone Character Pack - Shoulder Fest

    Description: Fashion is always changing. Old cloth is just that; old cloth, with old styles, out of fashion colours and shapes...Apparition's Shoulder Fest brings to your iClone G5 female avatars - a totally NEW look! Daring, diverse, eye catching and above all, with a high level of performance never seen before in avatar garments.
    The excellente mesh quality by Apparition, plus the unlimited creativity applied by Alley and her careful research among today's fashion world, brings fabulous NEW styles, never seen before but soon to be copied, as it happens with all successful fashion trends.
    Why wait for mediocre versions of what can be obtained today, with maximum quality and style. As well as the cloth bases, this pack provides you avatars ready for business, a night out or casual styles. Compatible with other G5 packs including Classic Contempo and others.
    Be the very first video producers, dressing your cast with this outstanding collection of Shoulder and Sleeve extravaganza.
    Pack includes: 20 Characters (15 Dressed Avatars)

    iCLONE PACKS iClone Character Pack - Vatican Feel
       Author: ZeuS, 28-02-2013, 19:19 | Views: 5357 | Comments: 21
    iClone Character Pack - Vatican Feel
    iClone Character Pack - Vatican Feel

    Description: An extraordinary collection of finely crafted Catholic religious costumes!
    An exhaustive search led Alley and Apparition to produce this outstanding quality wardrobe. Every detail has been taken into consideration to reflect a true look of many well known garments used by several orders and religious hierarchies.
    Built upon a solid character base foundation, and using the most advanced texturing techniques, the "Vatican Feel" collection exploits to its limits the New Reallusion G5 architecture.
    No matter what other series of clothing are available, the "Vatican Feel" is indeed the outmost expression of the state-of-the-art in design, modelling and texturing of 3D characters for the new iClone generation.
    Pack includes: 15 Characters (6 Female Nuns, 4 Male Priest, 1 Alter Boy, 1 Reverend, 3 Cloth Bases)


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