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Upgrade to Turbo
  Author: ZeuS, 13-07-2018, 07:07 | Views: 413 | Comments: 12

Description: What is the weather condition in your animated story? Is it sunny, cloudy, rainy or snowy? If you need a windy scene, or a romantic autumn breeze with fallen leaves scattering on the street, then this Weather Maker pack is what you need!
G3 Animated Props - Weather Maker is essential for any 2D scene for when you wish to add a touch of weather elements to your animations. All animated weather and natural phenomenon components can be combined separately or used individually to create weather or celestial events. Try it, it’s really fun!
This pack includes 35 weather components such as sun, lens flare, rain drops, water ripples, rainbow, snow, clouds, and lighting. As well as 15 skies, 15 shades, 5 dust/air effects and 7 lights/fogs.
Use all these animated weather effect props in combination to create all kinds of atmospheric conditions for both outdoor and indoor scenes. Most components are embedded with animations already, so you just need to use the Right-click menu to select the desired animation clip.
Pack includes: 62 Animated Props (35 Weather Components - Sunny, Rainy, Snowing, Cloudy, Lightning, 15 Skies, 15 Shades, 5 Dust & Air, 7 Light & Fog)
  Author: ZeuS, 12-07-2018, 07:07 | Views: 446 | Comments: 11

Description: Taking advantage of the fluent and curvy characteristics of G3 Elastic Motions, Spongy Moves is designed to show life-like cartoon style animations with natural physic simulations. Simply apply these premade animations to any text, logo, image, or prop to immediately create professional results.
This pack includes 3 animation scenarios: Emphasis, Entrance, Exit. Enjoy up to 80 Elastic Motion files that can be further customized in the timeline. All are created by professional cartoon animators, enabling objects to bounce, move, slide, scale and rotate.
Pack includes: 80 Elastic Motions (40 Emphasis, 26 Entrance, 14 Exit)
  Author: ZeuS, 9-07-2018, 09:09 | Views: 477 | Comments: 20

Description: This is a high-quality mechanical monster! This titan of a beast has platted-thick armor and a powerful tail that can easily destroy all enemy defenses in one charge. It is worth mentioning that this creature has its very own hand-keyed animations for epic combat stances complete with firing cannons, machine gun ammo belts, head charges, and tail attacks as well as search, menace, walk, run, idle, injured, and casualty motions.
Its structure base comes with three different kinds of PBR materials which you can choose from like: Steel, Alloy, and Rust for use in any cataclysmic environment.
Pack includes: 3 Characters, 15 Motions
  Author: ZeuS, 8-07-2018, 08:08 | Views: 3 027 | Comments: 55

Description: Outposts BUNDLE - Just drop in your characters and animate your story. The lighting is all done for you including HDRI settings, Tone Maps, GI and directional lights. This scene has game-ready low poly props with hi-rez textures and a beautiful 2D background image. You can move or add any of the props to your own library for use in other projects.
Drones BUNDLE contains 6 very popular Hunter-Killer Class Battle Drones. Each of these Drones are animated! They all have Hover and Fire performance commands. Don't get caught unarmed in your Galactic Adventures!
Pack includes: 6 Projects, 6 Props
  Author: ZeuS, 20-06-2018, 10:10 | Views: 511 | Comments: 10

Description: Magical Moves include both graceful spell-casting movements for female healers and sorceress, along with impact movements such as ground pounding, blast throwing and thunder casting for mythical power actions. These motions are suitable for casting natural spells such as water, wind and forest, or to show the power of fireballs, frost and lightning. They can be used in giving the power of restoration, illusion and invisibility or demonstrating the power of destruction and incantation.
Casting types range from long staff, magic wand and bare hand movements. There are 44 magical moves for four combat moods: Summon, Endure, Defend and Attack; allowing you to easily create interactive magical battles!
Great for fantasy movie themes such as; "The Lord of the Rings", "Harry Potter" or classical game titles like "World of Warcraft" or "Skyrim"; these motion packs are also suitable for use in Sci-Fi or superhero themes to show stunning visual effects through super powers.
All the Magic Moves motions can combine with the latest iClone particle effects: PopcornFX Super Tools, PopcornFX Library 40 to create various types of magic such as; thunder bolts, burning flames, Icy frost, whiling leaves, trailing demons, flying bats and more. Use everything at your disposal to conjure stunning, breath-taking visual effects that will certainly bring your animations to another dimension!
Pack includes: 44 Motions (Attack x 11, Summon x 18, Defense x 7, Endure x 8)
  Author: ZeuS, 10-06-2018, 10:10 | Views: 592 | Comments: 17

Description: Professionally captured with top female performers from a leading mocap lab, these motions will allow you to experience graceful feminine motions that have been well designed to be both functional, and practical for female project demands.
Included in this collection:
- Various walking and running loops that can be mixed and blended together to form a seamless sequence of motion.
- Sporty movements.
- Motions for moments of relaxation such as taking selfies, laying on the couch, or playing on the laptop.
- These are ample framed and sensuously captivating feminine movements that can achieve charming 3D sequences.
Pack includes: 56 Female Motions
  Author: ZeuS, 10-06-2018, 06:06 | Views: 9 416 | Comments: 118

Chemistry Lab
This is a complete Chemistry Lab scene ready to start animating. It is set up with sub-props so that you can easily move, replicate or delete props. Props on wall are attached to walls and all 4 walls plus the ceiling can be hidden. Some desks have separate chairs, others are merged for quick set up.
You also get all the single props in a folder for adding to the scene or for use in other projects. Door set on correct pivots can be opened/closed on the timeline.
Computer Classroom
This is a complete Computer Classroom Scene set up ready to animate. Everything in the room is a subprop and all 4 walls plus the ceiling can be hidden. Props on walls are attached for easy hiding for the camera.
You also get the single props in a folder for adding to the scene or for use in other projects.
Geography Classroom
This is a Geography themes classroom scene, which includes wall maps, posters and globe, as well as various blueprint rolls of other maps. It is set up with subprops which can be moved around, deleted or replicated. All 4 walls plus the ceiling can be hidden. The door is set up on proper pivot for animating open/close on the timeline.
All the subprops are also supplied as singles in a separate folder for adding to this scene, or for use in other projects.
Physics Lab
This is a complete Classroom Scene with a Physics Theme. 5 Wall Posters and 23 different Physics Related items decorate the room. All are sub-props that can be removed, replicated or moved around. All 4 walls are separate and can be hidden, as well as the ceiling. Subprops on Walls are attached to make hiding easy.
You also get all the single props in a folder for adding to the scene or for use in other projects.
School Auditorium
School Auditorium Scene is set up with rows of chairs as subprops, as well as curtains & drapes. Each of the 4 walls, as well as the roof can be hidden. Glow light in ceiling can be adjusted for the lighting.
The single props are also supplied in a folder for adding to the scene or for use in other projects.
School Cafeteria
This is supplied as a complete School Cafeteria Scene set up with subprops that can be moved, rearranged or deleted. Each wall can be hidden with all items attached to the wall as sub-props which will hide along with the wall. Ceiling also can be hidden. Floor beams can be hidden as well for better camera angle. The entrance door is set up on proper pivot so it can be animated to open/close on the timeline.
You also get all the single props in a folder for adding to the scene or for use in your own projects.
School Gym
This is a complete School Gym Scene in PBR as shown in promos. The gym contains basektball nets, ping-pong table, mats, vaulting horses, parallel bars, soccer nets, multiple sports balls, ladders & benches, etc. Everything is set up with sub-props so you can easily move things around or delete from your scene. All walls and ceiling can be hidden for better camera angles.
PBR HQ textures includes base color, normal, A/O, metallic & roughness.
You also get all the single props in a folder for adding to the scene or for use in your own projects.
School Showers
This is a scene as shown that consists of Girls & Boy's Shower Room plus a Sports Store Room. All the walls and ceiling can be hidden for camera angles. It is set up with subprops attached to the appropriate walls if appropriate. Doors to showers can be opened/closed on the timeline. Doors into each room can also be opened/closed on the timeline.
The Sports Room stores some gym equipment as shown. The showers have hooks and benches. If you own the Popcorn 40 effects, you can create shower running using the hose particle and add some smoke to give the room a steamy look.
School Washroom
This is a complete Scene as shown with Male and Female Washrooms. Male Washrooms have 4 stalls with doors that can be opened/closed on the timeline. Also includes urinals. The Female Washrooms have 4 stalls, plus a row of sinks. Sinks have soap dispensers and paper towel containers on the walls.
All walls can be hidden including Entry Walls, Wall between M/F washrooms, end walls and window wall. Props are set up as subprops attached to appropriate walls for easy hiding. Entry doors can be opened/closed on the timeline.
Teacher Conference
This two room scene consists of a conference room with boardroom table and desk, with a door entering into an office - perhaps the School Director office. Or you can use it for any other office setting. It comes supplied as a scene as shown in promos with items set up as sub-props. All walls and ceiling can be hidden. Wall between office and conference area can also be hidden. Doors are on correct pivots and can be opened/closed on the timeline.
You also get all the sub-props supplied in a folder for adding to the scene or for use in your own projects.
School Scene Exterior
This is the School Exterior scene for the 9 Classrooms. Classrooms are not meant to be placed inside the Exterior - the Exterior is for outdoor shots. The school sits on a large terrain landscape specially built with paths and sidewalks around the grounds. Benches are placed throughout for student's use and trashcans are plentiful to discourage littering. The sports field at the rear of the school hosts many team sports.
Pack includes: 233 Props

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Reason: + School Scene Exterior

  Author: MaddMaxx, 31-05-2018, 13:13 | Views: 6 294 | Comments: 74

Marvelous Designer allows you to create beautiful 3D virtual clothing with our cutting-edge design software.
Finally breathe life into your designs with tools that enhance quality while saving you time.
From basic shirts to intricately pleated dresses and rugged uniforms, Marvelous Designer can virtually replicate fabric textures and physical properties to the last button, fold, and accessory.
With our versatile compatibility with other 3D software and interactive design interface, you can instantaneously edit and drape garments onto 3D forms with high-fidelity simulation.
Marvelous Designer’s innovative pattern-based approach has already been adopted by top game studios such as EA Konami and can be seen on the big-screen in animation films including The Hobbit and The Adventures of Tin Tin, created by Weta Digital.
What are you waiting for? Stunning design is at your fingertips.
  Author: ZeuS, 27-05-2018, 07:07 | Views: 5 830 | Comments: 68

Description: HQ Residential House is an American Style home which includes the house exterior, along with 13 rooms or hallways typically found in large family homes. Each room is supplied fully furnished to get you started quickly. Also, the entrance Door to each room has an animated PERFORM entrance door, along with wall Sections and ceiling that can be hidden for camera angles. As an added bonus, we are able to utilize the advanced features of iClone 7 by using a substance graph, thus allowing many iof the supplied items to be customized to your own unique colour scheme. Rooms included are: Living/Dining Room, Kitchen, Family Room, Kids Room, Baby Room, Main Bedroom, Laundry Room, Office, Main Bedroom, Ensuite Bathroom, 2nd Bathroom, Hallways.
In addition, the Outer House Shell is supplied and can be customized the same way. Select the brick colour, the trim, the siding using the substance graph embedded. The main shell has a front door that has a PERFORM for Open and Close. The double Garage Doors have a PERFORM for Open and Close.
In addition, you get over 260 single props with PBR texturing for creating your own customization to the rooms or for use in other projects. Items such as furniture, walls, windows and window coverings also have the substance graph, allowing you to create your own signature look.
Pack includes: 275 Props

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